God does not give you fear, but power, love and a sound mind.

I am interested in seeing people delivered from the task master called fear. The root of this feeling and belief is a deeper root of rejection. Fear takes on many forms such as a fear of man ( what people think about you, what you look like to them, are you accepted in their mind and so forth) fear of the future, fear of poverty and fear of dying prematurely.
“Taste and See that the Lord is Good.” So many people I have met today are in fear of a Powerful God that has been characterized as a mean old man with a white beard and a stick that is ready to blast you, hurt you and or destroy any success you have now.
How does this happen? It happens by teachings based on the Old Testament Law that does not apply today.
I minister to people every week that have some form of these fears of not being righteous enough, being abandoned, or simply not trusting The Loving Father who sent His Son to show us how our lives can defeat these deep seated fears. They can defeat the father of lies with Jesus’s Presence, Power and Glory that disarms his frontal attacks of fear, hate, rejection, diseases, racism and false teachings today.
Proof is in the pudding its said today. Here is some pudding to taste.
Millions of people in every Nation, Culture, Race and Status are coming into a personal and national relationship with the King of Kings. Governments full of Kingdom Empowered people with His Presence to meet the felt needs of people in their Countries, Cities and Neighborhoods across the Globe. Miracles of the dead raised, limbs restored, blind eyes (physical and spiritual) restored to full sight, financial provisions of debts paid off, favor on jobs with employers, favor to create new businesses and jobs, crime eliminated, corruption in businesses located in Cities, States and Nations ceasing. Billions of People worship the only God worthy of worship in all seven spheres or mountains of culture, Jesus Christ. In fact greater things are happening now in over 300 Cities in Nations across the globe. So as I pray, prophesy and pray for people to be healed, I am also encouraging anyone who wants to experience life more abundant, to realize that the enemy was defeated in the moment of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s Blood, Body and Spirit on the cross. He gave His Life to us so we can stand in His Righteousness, Joy and Peace in His Kingdom today. The point of living here is not to get ready for Heaven, but to host His Presence here on Earth as it IS in Heaven now.
Isn’t this better than a world going to hell in a hand basket and the best you can do is hold on. A world that expects a devil to win, and few righteous people snatched out and you are here to suffer a wrath of who for what and why?

The Only plan for the future is this: 15 Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The kingdoms[b] of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” Revelation 11:15.
I’d love to pray for you and introduce you to the King of Kings who loves you, cares for you and wants you to win in every area of your life.
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