Upgrade Now!

This is what is in you

A picture is worth a thousand words

Up Grade Now. I have noticed that a upgrade is being installed into this ministry and the webpage of prophetfox.com. Change is always a stretching experience and needed for more results to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven. I’m reminded of the parable of the Farmer ( a prophet) with 4 different fields that yielded 4 different results. A Prophetic Word is given, and it is your choice to yield your soil, to the watering of the Spirit with the Seed (Word of God, Rhema or Logos or both) to allow the seeds to flourish.
Some 30 some 60 or 100 Times. Matt 13: 1-9.
I have sent out thousands of prophecies, and have noticed in the testimonies that are sent to this ministry, several factors are at play in the business,family or individual.
1. God is showing them they need to do something different to receive different results.
2. Some people have tried to implement enticing words given to them by well meaning people. The power of words that are given as a prophecy is that The Holy Ghost is in the words, uses the words in and through the person to bring about the best circumstances for blessings and answered prayers.
3. The person requesting the word is not looking to the Father as a Santa Claus, or a vending machine of blessings. No they reverently ask for a prophetic word that does cause more questions. We are told in the scriptures that it is It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. So Ask, Seek and Knock and as you are put in the Way of the Lord, You will experience His Glory in your life today.