This day 10-10-2018 are you living abundantly full life?

Today’s date of 10-10-2018 is of some significance in the Spirit of God.  I state that ten is the number of completeness. When the number ten is prevalent in a date, or you see the number ten in various ways, or the number is highlighted in some way, it’s is wise to take notice. A favorite Prophet that I highly respect and recommend says ” when something happens that contains a double event, ( in this case a double ten) pray to interpret what it means.  There are a lot of happenings in the Kingdom of God that is beyond reason or knowledge. In relation to the previous statement, mankind only uses less than 10 percent of the brain’s capacity. I believe that Adam was a perfect son of God. The Savior and Lord Jesus Christ came to right the wrongs of man’s sin, as He absorbed it in his body and soul, not to appease a hate-filled Father about to open a can of whup-booty on mankind. No Jesus stepped into our darkness as he spoke the first few words of Psa 22: Then reading further in the chapter this messianic Psa 22:24  plainly states “For he does not despise nor detest the afflicted person; he does not hide his face from him, but he hears him when he cries out to him.” NIV This annihilates the idea that God could not look on Jesus, that He turned His Back on Him, and the sky grew dark. Jesus said in John 10:30 “I and the Father are one.” NIV  I often speak this revelation to people who think God has turned His back on them and I am alone.  No way, can’t happen, God would have to annihilate a lot of verses in the Bible, and that’s not happened.

This is your ten-ten moment, realizing that the Father has completed your salvation, deliverance, healing, and direction to the “… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10. Read that again, and ask yourself am I living a ten-ten life right now? Is my life a “what else could possibly go right”? Your answer in found in the Words of Jesus the Eternal, Everlasting One who came to give you Life and it to the fullest!

Request your abundantly fullest life word now.


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