The Testimony of Jesus…is the Spirit of Prophecy.Revelations 19:10.

I post these testimonies to comfort, encourage and exhort all who are interested in Hearing a Word from the Father today. Our Father speaks about dates, mates, babies and geographical moves, for your Life. We are to ask for wisdom (James1:5) as He will not withhold from anyone what you need.
It is a glory for you to research and war with the prophetic word He gives to you see 1Timothy 1:18. As you read this testimony there is patience in waiting for the prophetic word to manifest. Hi Prophet Tim, I’ve been meaning to write you for a while. I wanted to thank your for encouraging my husband and I with the prophecy about our daughter. We came to group that night and I had a feeling that God was going to speak to me about our future children. At that point I longed to be a mom but due to certain reasons I had come to believe that I wouldn’t be able to have children. That night three people prophesied that I had a child inside of me. It gave me such hope that I would get my dream come true. I had come to believe being pregnant would be impossible for me. But within a year of that night I became pregnant and a couple months ago I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl. She is the best most miraculous gracious gift God has ever given me. She is a constant reminder to me of His love and goodness towards us and that with God all things are possible. Her name means God is my strength and her middle name is after my sister, the strongest woman I know. I pray she grows strong in her faith and understanding of Gods great love for her. Thank you for your ministry Tim. It changed our lives!