Request a Prophet’s Call Today.  This ministry is for those seeking a live phone call that will be recorded via an mp3 voice file and sent to you within 48 hours.This focus of the call is to hear a Word from the Father for a fifteen-minute call for a suggested gift is $25.00. The appointments are available Monday through Saturday PST. Fill out the form below, give you gift and pick a date and time on the calendar. Then you will be contacted about your appointment. 

Recent testimonies of the Personal Prophets Call:

“Thank you for your beautiful word. It seemed as if God was laughing at me while I listened to your message as if He was saying to me “did you think I would say something else other than love him and be patient?” But I thank God that He understands me, He understands my need to be as sure as possible that I’m hearing from Him before making a major decision or taking a major step….he is healing me from past hurts”. From E.