The Conclusion of His Mission!

In John chapter 14 Jesus declares  that the conclusion of his mission wherein his death and resurrection every possible definition of separation will be canceled: ( John 10:30″ I and my Father are ONE”.) In that day you will know that I am in my Father and you in me and I in you!” ( It is not our knowing that positions Jesus in the Father or us in them! Our knowing simply awakens us to the reality of our redeemed union!) From the Mirror Study Bible.

He has Risen and we all have risen in Him!

Death is dead, Sin and its power are dead, all of the first Adam’s nature is dead, the second Adam has risen, having put to death ( on the cross) all of Adams’ lies and rebellion against God. Because He is Alive, We are alive!








Have you had the revelation of your death, burial, and resurrection in Jesus Christ yet?

He stands at your heart’s door now with the Only life worth living! What you confess with your mouth is that God has raised him ( Jesus) from the dead, that Jesus is Lord! Do it now!