The Blood of Jesus Christ communicates to you today.

Hebrews 12:24

The Blood of Jesus Christ

Second 2015 Prophetic Revelation: Jesus Christ’s blood speaks better things, His blood speaks a better word. Hebrews 12:24 His Blood communicates to us thousands of years later. When Jesus was crucified, the Word says that blood and water came out of His side when the roman soldier used a spear to pierce his chest. According to recorded history concerning roman crucifixions, they were experts in this form of death penalty. So when His side was pierced, blood and water came out. All of His Blood was shed on the cross. A moment of revelation happened: Follow the science posted below.
Q.So do you know how water is cycled through the biosphere? According to the water cycle through the biosphere is precipitation, condensation, evaporation, runoff, infiltration, and transpiration.
Jesus Christ was crucified two thousand years ago. He shed His Blood on the Cross for all mankind. The Apostle Paul I believe wrote the Hebrews that His Blood speaks a better “word, than the blood of Abel”. From the natural order that the Father set in creation that water will be distributed by evaporation for example. I know that Jesus Christ’s Blood has been physically spread all over the biosphere we live on.
When you receive healing that manifests in His Love from prayer or from skilled physician practicing medicine understand this, His Blood has and always will be speaking to the Father for your healing, protection, deliverance, provision and forgiveness, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.Romans 3:23
His Blood did not evaporate from the earth, it was spread through out our planet by the Laws of Gods Creation, permeating the DNA of the Earth He Created. Two thousand years later, medical science has yet to discover the wondrous treasures His Blood deposited on this Earth for us. The Creator God, sent His Son to redeem us to a better state than the original state of man and woman in Genesis. All creation was affected by Adam’s sin, and all creation is redeemed by the Second Adam’s Christ Jesus sacrifice and triumph over sin, sickness, death and everlasting separation from God.
We are commanded to heal the sick, lay hands on the sick, wounded or oppressed by the enemy and see them recover just like Jesus did two thousand years ago. Realize this, His Blood speaks powerfully today for your sozo or healing that is yours to expect and receive. His Word is everlasting, powerful and will be manifested in our life for His Glory. As I post this new blog, I feel that many people will read it and request a prophetic healing prayer and prophecy to be sent to them. Read the testimonies of healing’s, on this website. Then do something with your faith, like the woman who said in the scriptures, ” if I can touch the hem of His Garment I will be healed”. Matthew 9:20. I say to you, there is more than the Hem of His Garment available to you now. ” for I watch over my word to perform it”. Jeremiah 1:12. We are living in the Kingdom Age of God now. It is always increasing, till He Comes to rule and reign. You can be healed and delivered out of the enemies snares, temptations and sickness today. ” I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”. Yes and Amen.