“On the other hand, the one who prophesies speaks to people for their upbuilding and encouragement and consolation.” 1 Corinthians 14:3 

Anyone can Praise their own Ministry but the True Credibility of a Prophetic Ministry is Reflected in the Reports of Breakthrough and Blessing in the lives of those they touch.

You are a Prophet without a pedigree, for My Power will validate and vindicate your call and ministry in My Name”.“Like Samuel of Old, Not One Word from the Father spoken by you will fall to the ground.” Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden Founders of Fathers Heart Ministries. http://fathersheartministry.net/

This message is for Prophet  Tim Fox My name is A from the Fathers Heart Ministries Prophetic Intern Course.

“As I was praying for you, I see a great man of God. I saw a mighty sword and a rod of authority in your hand. I have anointed you and equip you for the assignment that is ahead of you says the father. No power of hell or darkness will be able to withstand you or against you on this assignment. This is a unique calling. Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard what the Lord had prepared for them that love him. You love me and I see your passion for my kingdom and lost souls. My eyes moved to and fro around the earth searching for those whose heart is fixed on me so that I will show myself strong and mighty in their life. I see your heart, and I will use you to prove to the devil that I am the master.

You are my chosen vessel says the father. The father says he is going to use you mightily. He said I will give you a seeing eye and a hearing ear. Signs and wonders shall follow your ministrations. I come against distractions. You will not be distracted from this assignment in Jesus name. I will disappoint the devices of the enemies and their hands shall not be able to perform their enterprise says the father. Refuse to be discouraged,  says the father. There are many afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them from all the afflictions. God bless you, Prophet Fox”.

“Hello Tim, many thanks for the word, wasn’t expecting that…A few years ago you prophesied something over me very specifically and it came to pass, even if it seemed totally impossible at the time, and to be honest, I didn’t believe in it at the time..but thankfully God is bigger than our thoughts.”

“I called you to tell you that today, exactly seven days to the day you prophesied to me in front of our friends ” you will run and not grow weary…” I felt like I wanted to run today.” Tim, you are truly a prophet of God.” Thank you for saying what the Father says… to you. ”  Testimony note, K had a brain stem stroke last year, was not expected to live, and now has given birth to a new baby girl named Esther, ( which the Father said She is going to have a girl!) I spoke that word to K last year as she had just found out she was pregnant. They did not know the sex of the child till the child was born. The Father delights in those who believe and receive His Word breathed from Him speaking through a Prophet.

“What most people don’t understand is that when they give to this prophet, they’re actually sowing into their own destiny. Everything we do today affects the future. We can enter tomorrow with an abundant supply of hurt, failure, poverty, etc., or we can enter it reaping good things. Sowing into the Spirit simply means that it is timeless and it will be there for you throughout your life. As you give an offering, you will have sown into your destiny and into your future. Enjoy the benefits and the abundance of life as you enter your tomorrow.” ” Seek First the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33.”In the same way, the Lord commanded that those who proclaim the gospel should get their living by the gospel.” 1 Corinthians 9:14

Testimony about Dream Interpretation: Excellent. I love this and it really makes it clear and ties it to a current event. When I had this dream the change in senior pastors had not occurred, nor was it even thought of by me as being possible,  and now it makes very good sense!! ” From J.

“I listen to my prophetic word almost daily… I experience the same Presence and anointing as the time it was given to me….you are an awesome blessing to all that have and will receive words from the Father through your ministry!!! from D.


” First I want to say God bless you prophet fox. I thank God for you.I received that word you sent, not only received it but also believe it. It just blesses my soul and it brought me to tears. It a; so touched my heart so. Bless you, man of God.  T.

*Truly God is speaking through you and for you. Every word of the prophecy is very true and energizing. About ministering to central government is true, I was once invited twice by two different Government Minister for family Deliverance and the Lord God revealed Himself during the exercise…I am being invited to small groups as you said, my schedule is very tight every day but soon after you prophesied to me I got an invitation to Pakistan, Asia, a very big ministry as you said that my platform will grow bigger…I can sense the hurricane you said in my life, yes the whirlwind of God. From the day Prophet Russell Walden gave me a prophetic word everything began to be in order. I have been blessed by your word Sir.  May the Highest God pour more of His in your life. Bless you, Prophet!”

Testimony about the Prophetic Counseling Session recently received:  Your word is accurate and anointed… Your Prophetic Counseling session comes with a special gift from God himself…Breathing the gift of Prophetic Joy that is so unique and so healing to the soul of the person you are talking to…I was distraught; fearful, and desperate… I experienced your perception of my concerns and your anointing flowed from the spirit of God into me… a gift he gave to you.. a unique anointing of Prophetic Joy! This anointing of prophetic joy was introduced into my life for the first time, as it was identified and planted into my spirit through my time spent with my prophetic counseling under Prophet Tim Fox. The Father breathed into my spirit the prophetic joy of being under this wonderful man. He released with the Spirit of God a healing element….  joy… a peace…. that increased as the day went on long after our time ended. The Prophetic words mixed into this prophetic counseling was so life-changing for me. I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for this man’s dedication to Gods direction in order to lead those God sent or entrusted to him. I feel very blessed that I had the privilege of being under this anointing as I took part in a prophetic counseling session with Tim Fox that was a real life-changing experience. My desire is to have more prophetic counseling sessions with this anointed man; precious brother in Christ, a heart of God that stays in my mind. I thank you Prophet Fox for your obedience to the lord for it made a difference in my life forever. I am so grateful … and so blessed and I cannot say this enough… Dear God thank you for the breakthrough and using this man of God Tim Fox to usher this in…

The Prophetic Joy!! A real blessing that has been imparted from this prophet to my ears and into my spirit…
This experience was encouraging; accurate, and covered under the anointing… I can only say that one time under prophet Tim Fox is not enough for those who want to be apart of such a unique blessing… The prophetic Joy is something so unique… A manifestation of my
life that I am so delighted God saw to it that I would be under this experience of  Prophetic Joy… A woman who had been so full of pain melted under this impartation of the spirit of God moving upon Tim Fox that was now given to me and my life.
The prophetic session with Prophet Tim Fox; was powerful; healing, and ushered in a breakthrough that I needed so desperately. But the unique experience of the prophetic joy being bestowed upon my spirit;  the experience of Joy was something I never expected and so grateful that I did the very thing that makes the devil worry when this is shared amongst the
children of God… “The Prophetic Joy!”
Thank you, Tim Fox, for your dedication to prophetic ministry; anointing, and accuracy… The wisdom and anointing you walk under; the clear dedication your life is about, and your spiritual gift of the prophetic changes lives…  The words encouraging and accurate does not do it justice… My definition of being under your prophetic counseling today is summarized as follows: Having this experience with you Prophet Tim Fox I could sense your obedience to God, and you delivered the word
directed for me… powerful clear prophetic words, with the impartation of the prophetic joy, really made a difference in my life…
Thank you from the bottom of my heart…. D.

God is coming in Powerful Demonstrations






Dream interpretation Testimony: Praise God Prophet Fox thank you so much for the revelations of my dream. Your interpretation gave me a revelation of another dream I had since submitting the first dream. In the second dream as I turn in bed each time I heard Glory to Glory! My Goodness Gracious my body was turning as an object in this dream as a voice spoke glory to glory. I am a licensed ordained Prophetess since 2003, I Pastor a small church which you also gave revelations on. I love the Lord with all my heart, I am faithful to our Lord and want so much more in the Spiritual realm for myself and God’s people. I desire our own church building, renting at present. Prophet you gave me revelations on that as well, so, for now, I am at peace. Praise God!

I am thankful for your interpretation.
Be forever Bless A.B.
Prophetic Counseling  Session Testimony: I have listened to the word you gave me and I am astounded at the accuracy of what you said! Sharing this word with the leaders of the S-H-P has encouraged our hearts and spirits, confirming to us that we are doing the will of Our Heavenly Father. It has also prepared us to get ready for the harvest of the souls that the Father is sending to us.  Thank you so much for being His mouthpiece to us. Blessings to you and your ministry. M


I love this word and it is so accurate!  You are so good to find it and send it again!  I’m so encouraged.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I needed this and it was so timely and so confirming.  I have so many people God brings to me supernaturally for prayer and ministry.  I’m so busy with the lepers, addicts, downtrodden, demonized, etc:  I love them.  Thank you Thank you and yes!  YES YES YES  PEOPLE try to control me and tell me what to do and DEMAND. I listen to them!  Call them!  Come to their house!  No more!  I only do what my FATHER says or what I see my father do.  I’m resting now for some days.  B

 ” I’ve been feeling compelled to write to you and let you know how grateful I am for your ministry and for the two dream interpretations you gave me in early 2015 & 2016. Both of them were very insightful and helped me to understand a lot of things. For example, the interpretation in 2015 was that I am protected. That was such a joy to know and a confirmation of how my life always seems to play out. I always feel protected and covered! The interpretation in early 2016 was about my discernment. It really ministered to me and helped to trust the Spirit of God within me as I face things in life.” K

Both were very powerful and on-point interpretation. I am so appreciative to you for taking the time to pray over my requests and seek God’s face concerning them.
 “What most people don’t understand is that when they give to this prophet, they’re actually sowing into their own destiny. Everything we do today affects the future. We can enter tomorrow with an abundant supply of hurt, failure, poverty, etc., or we can enter it reaping good things. Sowing into the Spirit simply means that it is timeless and it will be there for you throughout your life. As you give an offering, you will have sown into your destiny and into your future. Enjoy the benefits and the abundance of life as you enter your tomorrow.” ” Seek First the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33.”In the same way, the Lord commanded that those who proclaim the gospel should get their living by the gospel.” 1 Corinthians 9:14

I have received prophetic ministry twice from Timothy, and I must say that the Holy Spirit was present with a powerful anointing. Timothy confirmed to me what God had already spoken to me personally and thru others, as well as speaking into my destiny with the Holy Spirit manifesting his presence. During one of these ministry encounters with Timothy, the Holy Spirit hit me as with a lightning bolt, a fraction of a second, my neck was adjusted and the power went right down my spine. I felt better instantly, and we were not praying over my body at the time, God just wanted to bless my body. I have walked with God for many years, seen much, and received much, and I highly recommend Timothy Fox, who ministers in love, power, favor, and purity, with understanding and maturity he is led by and accompanied by the Holy Spirit. Keep up the good work Prophet Timothy!  R from Redding, CA.

His Power In Us and Upon US Now

His Power In Us and Upon US Now

Thank u kindly dear Sir!!! I’m on it..God bless.. I just saw this message it was sent a day after my birthday…I was just writing a letter to Jesus saying I quit…it is my heart to always share and always give … I just don’t seem to understand why my life has always been so bad..I try to always love and give back.. But um gonna keep trying and lean not to my own understanding and keep keeping on… Thank u my Brother and Prophet in Christ Jesus amen… from S.

Thank you for my prophetic word. It was simple and yet so very encouraging! I was in great anticipation of what Father would share from His heart through the prophet. It was so worth the wait, and it encouraged me greatly. I will be able to walk forward in confidence in my Lord writing my books and having them published. I will also seek His timing of when to take the Prophetic Schooling…

Praise His Holy Name for His goodness to me through you all in this amazing ministry! May God bless you and give you His blessings in great abundance as you continue to bless His church with your giftings.  From J.

Praise the Lord Prophet, first of all, I am grateful to God for His goodness, the last time I wrote to you my prayer request was a job and surely God granted me a job in which I have no complaints…V

Greetings in the mighty name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am sending Prophet Fox my testimony. I am Pastor Samuel Masih and some weeks ago my right leg was fractured in a road accident. Today I was talking with Timothy Fox (Prophet Fox) and brother  Fox was praying for me and in the prayer, God was touching and healing my right leg. After prayer, I checked to this leg and my leg is Completely Recovered. I give thanks to JESUS CHRIST and Prophet Tim Fox, and I am giving all glory to Jesus Christ. Amen!

Pastor Samuel Gospel Revival Ministries of Pakistan

E-mail: [email protected]

Receive Your Prophetic Word and Prosper

Receive Your Prophetic Word and Prosper!

  • We want to express our gratitude toward Prophet Timothy Fox.  His prophetic words over us were not only right on, but very detailed with things that he had no way of knowing about our lives!  He truly read our mail!  Thank you, Prophet Fox, for being a faithful servant of Jesus Christ! Blessings! DJ
    Bless you again
  • Prophet Fox, you prayed for me on the Wed call. I had Vertigo almost three weeks prior to that I was still going through dizziness at home and not confident driving but after prayer, I started getting better and now I’m completely healed.
  • Thank you, Prophet Tim! You are again very accurate with your word for us. It has been a few years since we heard from you. My wife is prophetic as well. She says your word bares witness to her spirit as well. Thank you for being obedient to bless me today.
  • Prophet Fox, I would like to say thanks for your prayers… I have a sense and am experiencing an inward change within me. My Confidence level is rising higher, my prayer life has increased and the wonderful praise and worship of loving on the Holy Ghost is unbelievably delightful. I am sure everything else is falling into its divine order or alignment. Thanks for the prophetic word and I look forward to sending you a testimony of how the God of breakthrough intervened in my life, finances, and career and business.  Many Blessings  A.

  •  I found the word you gave very encouraging! I do demonstrate much love to others as the ministry I am in involves speaking into the lives of teens who struggle with suicidal thoughts and self-harm.  I believe my sons have seen me and have heard me for the past 12 years chatting with them and I those scriptures and affirmations must be deep within their spirits.  You serve the Lord well!!
  •   Truly I was blessed and greatly encouraged by the word of the Lord. It elevated my faith and gave me hope that I’m on the mind of GOD. Thank you for your obedience to share his heart. C.S.

A new Testimony: Greetings, Prophet Fox! I am writing to let you know that your previous prophecy to me was accurate and very encouraging.

 I needed clear direction from the Lord concerning renting out my rental property. I wanted to rent to a single Christian lady with no children (because I had seen how children could wreck rental properties). I also wanted to be a blessing, so I kept the rent below market rate.
 I continued to pray for God to send me a remnant, a Christian lady who had “not bowed [her] knees to Baal”. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that I had once received a prophecy from Prophet Tim Fox, so I decided to request a prophecy from him again. He told me to stay strong and stay the course and to listen to the Holy Spirit, who would lead me with joy and peace.  Also, that I would know immediately when the right lady called inquiring about the rental. Sure enough, within several more weeks, I received a call from a young lady who was a Spirit-filled Christian, had a small child, had turned her life around, and was both working and attending college. I had a peace about renting to her and her daughter. Several times after I rented to her, she has told me that the place is a blessing for her, which was my original prayer. Plus, she is a neat and considerate tenant. Hallelujah!  From this experience, my faith in God’s faithfulness has been strengthened. “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” “He is faithful that promised.” Praise God for the five-fold ministry, including Prophet Timothy Fox.

Go to the Request Ministry Page to request your fresh prophetic word.

Personal Prophetic Word sent to you.

Personal Prophetic Word
sent to you.

*****I very seldom check my email anymore but the Lord led me to check my email messages just after only one hour of you sending me that email/prophecy…

I’ll make this short, but Oh my gosh–Thank you so much, Timothy. I’m not sure how long ago I sent the original request for a prophetic word or what all I might have shared in that request, but what I do know is that, already, I feel such a peaceful and comforting presence with me. I just randomly felt prompted to pray just last night, “Oh God, may you bless those who bless me–reward those whom speak words of blessing over my life”, and I believe now that  the Holy Spirit that prompted that prayer, and I know God is going to reward you handsomely for your kind, prophetic, and sobering words tonight. Cannot thank you enough man. I’ll keep you posted on what changes may come. Take Care. A

****This word, spot on. The cry of my heart since I first met the Lord some 49 years ago is that I would serve Him to people. Not just serve but serve Him. So through this word the Lord first sung my heart in the worship song and then invited me to ask, they said no it is not too much to ask and then gave a description of what I asked for, could not have been any clearer.WOW! Thank You, Lord, for this gift Prophet Fox.

*****Thank you so much for this word, Prophet Tim. It is very encouraging to hear that I am ‘on track’ as I continue to press on straight ahead on what most people would call a treacherous path because I am depending solely on the Lord to guide me through a stormy situation. I am often casting my cares because the attacks from fear and anxiety have been unbearable, and they attempt to torment me every day now as a serious deadline approaches. Also, I love the words, “Yup you are to rest now” because I tell the Lord often that I want to be able to rest for a long time and be restored after this almost year-long ordeal is over 🙂 I need the Lord to break through for me VERY soon!
Thanks again! BTW :))

Testimony of a house sold: “Father, I come into agreement with K  in Jesus name that the sale of this house will come in perfectly on time and with an overabundance of exaggerated blessings for K and her family in the name of Jesus Christ, we agree on earth Lord Jesus so we consider it done thank you Lord Jesus for answering this prayerful decree Amen!” The Father Answers:”Thank you for your prayers, our home was sold on 16th of December and to God be the glory!” K

The Father cares about you, loves you and will answer prayers, decrees, and loves to hear you give Him Praise!

His Intentions are like the sands on the sea shore.

His Intentions are like the sands on the seashore.

So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it”. Isa 55:11 NIV

“Prophet Tim I was finished my job as House Manager looking after 12 residents and cooking two meals each day. I did this for 17 months working 10 to 12 hours per day and pushed my body to the limit, still suffering from the exhaustion 5 months later. Hanging onto God asking Him for more time on earth in health, that was about the extent of my energy. YESTERDAY your words of Prophecy came on my iPad interrupting another program I was listening to. Amazing, you sent this Word months ago. As I listened renewed hope came to me that I will live and not die as God does have a plan and surely my expectations will not be cut off. Thank you for taking the time you have to pray on my behalf, I very much appreciate you. I have turned the big 65 so am at the summit of the mountain, the view is great from up here! (I am sending a gift) Thank you, Prophet Tim, for being who God has called you to be. In Christs Love, P.”Prophet Tim this is the second time you have prophesied over my life… they have both been specific and accurate and uplifting. Today as I left work I heard the Holy Spirit say …”He prepares a table
In the presence of your enemies”… then I opened your email and your prophetic word confirmed it … and so much more was confirmed by the words you spoke to me. The previous prophetic word said blessing after blessing and spoke of specific things  I needed to hear. God bless you and supernaturally increase you in the ministry He has anointed you to share. From K

“But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort”. I Corinthians 14:3

This Testimony is  about Number Five:
My husband and I have been praying for confirmation of many things from God while we sought direction regarding a house, our family, etc. Last week, we were asking God whether we should make an offer on a 5 bedroom house. I had felt it in my heart (we do foster care) that we needed a five-bedroom house. We were not sure if this was our idea of God’s. I went to church and prayed and asked God to confirm whether to make the offer on a house we had looked at earlier in the day, that had 5 bedrooms. Not even twenty seconds later, Tim approached us and said, “the Lord says 5!!” and he began to prophesy all kinds of relevant things about our lives and family. We were so excited to have God announce the blessing He had over us. That night, we decided to make the offer the next day. OVERNIGHT, the price of the house was lowered by $15,000! Further blessing and confirmation. God is amazing!! Update on this Prophetic Word We got it!! Got our loan! Got our house! Moving next week after 5 MONTHS of limbo. Praise you, God for answering my kids’ prayers and giving them the desires of their hearts. E from Redding Note: The number five in the Scriptures can mean Gods grace and favor toward His Creation.This is the obvious meaning of the number from the above testimony.

This Testimony is that Father speaks about Babies:
I’ve been meaning to write you for a while. I wanted to thank you for encouraging my husband and me with the prophecy about our daughter. We came to group (meeting) that night and I had a feeling that God was going to speak to me about our future children. At that point, I longed to be a mom but due to certain reasons, I had come to believe that I wouldn’t be able to have children. That night three people prophesied that I had a child inside of me. It gave me such hope that I would get my dream come true. I had come to believe being pregnant would be impossible for me. But within a year of that night, I became pregnant and a couple of months ago I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl. She is the best most miraculous gracious gift God has ever given me. She is a constant reminder to me of His love and goodness towards us and that with God all things are possible. Her name (Brielle) means God is my strength and her middle name is after my sister, the strongest woman I know. I pray she grows strong in her faith and understanding of Gods great love for her. Thank you for your ministry, Tim. It changed our lives!

Prophet Fox:
I think you hit it. So much has happened since I was 18 that I never considered this. I have forgiven the Communists and world powers for killing or so-damaging a potential husband for me-the Lord just said he died-thank You, Lord, that I never got the chance to meet and marry him. My life went downhill from there. Thank you for the healing Word. I have a tremendous destiny to fulfill for the Lord before He comes.

Prophecy about MATES:
It would’ve been about two years ago now when I ever went to my first prophetic night. It was during a very sad and painful season of life that I came to that first meeting. I had left my marriage earlier that year due to domestic violence and had fled with my little boy for safety. I went to the next few meetings and found them very encouraging. I felt hopeful and joyful not only hearing encouraging and prophetic words about my life but also hearing them about other peoples lives as well. A few months later around October or November, I went to one of the meetings. There was another guy there prophesying with you. I was still in the process of filing for divorce, court, custody, moving into my own place and it was still a very dark sad time but I was pressing forward and clinging to the Lord by His grace day by day sometimes moment by moment.  You both basically told me within the next three months I would meet my husband and that I would end up completely restored even better than I was before (which at that moment seemed nearly impossible to me).  As the story of Ruth,  and that this man would be like a kinsman redeemer who would love The Lord.  I couldn’t believe what I heard and so badly wanted it to be true. Just that week of the meeting ( after walking through a lot of counseling and prayer and healing) I started to ask God for what I really wanted in my heart. One day for a man who loved God with his whole heart and who would love me and my son and lead us in a Godly way. So that week I had a friend email me out of nowhere who is known for having prophetic dreams. He told me that he had a dream about a guy at work and he felt like God told him the dream had to do with the man I would one day marry. We decided that after the first of the year he would introduce me to that guy, and in my mind, I would live happily ever after! Well the first of the year came and I told my friend I was ready to meet his coworker. He said basically he asked his coworker and he wasn’t interested in meeting me and that it may be had to do with my being a divorced single mom. As silly as it sounds now, I felt sad at the moment and figured the words I had gotten about all that just wasn’t true. What I didn’t know if there was another guy in my friends’ office who heard about me. Instead of my past scaring him away it inspired him. He didn’t see it as a long list of failures but a story of overcoming. After overhearing my story and seeing how much I had overcome he decided he wanted to meet me. We ended up sitting next to each other at church that month and then seeing each other at bbq’s and get together with our friends. I had never met anyone like this guy. We slowly became friends and then after about six months of that decided to start dating and after a little, over a year of that, we are getting married! It dawned on me during our engagement that that prophetic word I got almost two years ago was right! I really did end up meeting my husband in three months! He loves God with all his heart and just like the story of Ruth he didn’t get scared an away by my “baggage” and saw the beauty of my heart through it all. I really enjoy doing life with and he loves my son as well. The restoration and redemption of God in my life bring me to tears every time I think of it. To think that God was listening to a little broken-hearted prayer, from a divorced woman who had made mistakes, and to bring me a love (man) that is better than I could have even known to ask for, it blows me away! Thank you for your ministry of encouragement and hope you bring to peoples lives! It truly was like a breath of hope in a very dark time in my life! Thank you so much!

Thank you for the prophecy over my career. I have actually been struggling for a time however I now know what the way to take., and yes it was encouraging.

Healing Testimony:

"The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, and he will rule as king forever and ever."

“The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, and he will rule as king forever and ever.”

I wanted you to know that night you prayed for me I had eczema on the front part of my leg. Looked like a burn. Actually that night my scalp and skin were itchy. After you prayed I felt this burning in my belly like when I got filled with the Holy Spirit. I went to bed paid no mind to the fact I was itching. When I look down at my left leg the patch was gone!!!!! My head and hands which had red marks from itching stopped completely. P from Atlanta Georgia.

“Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those with skin diseases, drive out demons…”Matthew 10:8 Holman Christian Standard Bible.

Healing Testimony:

Thank You Prophet Tim Fox.. for your prayers, my mom is healed by Jesus from her heart problems.. my mom is feeling okay now and your word is truly a Rehema… God bless you abundantly and May Jesus bless you with Long..healthy life.. From K


This Testimony is about Freedom:
Dear Prophet Fox, You prayed for my wife and me on Sunday at the S. Words cannot express my deep gratitude. I had prophesied to my wife Saturday night that we would receive a signpost from God after church on Sunday. I felt like I had met my big brother in the spirit hallelujah! I have been in the desert in a cave the previous 10 years. Previous to that I was ministering at B on the Soso team healing team the ministry team and was doing started to outreaches in California. The best gifts are absolutely nothing without love… We thank you so much for your love, your obedience and faithfulness to the work that God has given you to do. Your eyes are like deep pools of living crystal-clear water, there’s a fire that purges all things, not of God, a discerning of the intents and thoughts of the heart. I saw the Doves of fire in your eyes so soft yet so powerful. There’s a fire burning so intensely hot that it cannot be quenched by anything of this world. We bless you, my friend. You have a pure heart sweet and tender. Amen.
Dear Prophet Fox,
God bless you!!!! We received this with JOY, TEARS and holy ghost laughter, as to all God was speaking through you. Thank you so very much! This word came today my husbands birthday! God’s perfect timing…for us to get this word of confirmation…Praise God and thank you for your loving service, to me, and my husband and many others! I find your ministry, very pure, unlike what has come and gone, and still is…you are precious and God will reward you for your labor of love! J&M

Hi Prophet Fox
As I am listening to your spreaker.com podcast.  I am manifesting in all sorts of ways. My eyes are opening and closing and even my hands bent like someone who is spastic!
My feet are twitching and my knees definitely need the healing, they have been hurting a long time!
I am also running long distances and the knee pain has been hampering me. Praise GOD, it’s going to be healed now!
Blessings! O Luke 1:37 “For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment”. Amplified Bible

Hello Prophet Fox
Thank you so much for the prophetic word. If was very encouraging, and certainly confirms the Father’s love for me. Smile emoticon He does indeed send people to encourage me. I love Him so much, and at times have wondered if I spend enough time with Him for Him to know me, so this is encouraging.
Again, thank you for taking time to hear this encouraging and confirming word from the Father

The word was accurate and encouraging thank you!!!!!! With much love J.C.

I found Prophet Tim on Father’s Heart Ministries website a month ago. I requested a prophetic word from the Lord. Prophet Fox sent me a prophetic mp 3 saying within a month things are gonna change in my life. This has started, My Life is changing! I got a job, as I had been out of work for about 5 months, so income was beginning to dry up. Now I can see it beginning to rain, Praises! B.N

At last, I have peace, I felt a peace that I have never felt before grasping my heart as I listen to the prayer, I felt His presence so strong as I was sweating, thank you, Jesus, for your deliverance! From C

T H A N K you S O  M U C H for praying for me a couple of weeks ago !!! ( I’m the individual you prayed for first at the Prophetic Meeting on a Friday night, then again at church the very next Sunday ). The Lord broke through M A J O R L Y !!! you have such a kind and genuine heart — THANK you!
T  from Redding CA.

A  Salvation Prophesied to the Son:

As Tim Fox prophetically called my mother, Maria T, into the Kingdom I felt like Sarah laughing at God when told she would have a baby at her ripe old age. I remembered confessing to a core group of men at our church that my mother’s salvation was my giant. A highly opinionated, determined, self-obsessed woman, she had been deeply involved with the occult (what we now call “new age”) since a teen in Pre-WW2 Rome, Italy. At the time of Tim’s word for Teresa, I had just received her call informing me that she had come to a point where she could no longer live alone and would have to move in with my wife and me. In comparison, Moses’ call by God to visit Pharaoh and order him to free His people was a snap. This was Tim’s word for her, two weeks before I went to Italy to bring her back, without ever having met her:

“Maria Teresa: We station Angels of God around you , to the point that where you walk, where you stand, where you rest, and when you go to the market, you will see a manifestation of Jesus…J E S U S (blows into mike) The Holy Spirit goes into you even now as I speak in preparation, because He’s hovering over you as He did over the waters to create the land and the water, to separate the land, and you’re being brought by heavenly angels into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ; you’re going to call your son and your daughter in law and you’re going to say, Jesus saved me, this I know, for His Word has come to me in a revelation, in Jesus ‘ name we bless you and we await this report, because you’re destined to be in the Kingdom. I’m speaking longer life to you and seeing 4th and 5th generation come into the K and your land restored. Amen” Six months later, as my wife and I and my cousin Patrizia were at her bedside, in a time of perfect lucidity, my mother had a revelation of her need to humble herself before God. I asked her if she would like to not have to keep reincarnating in order to make herself acceptable to God. She responded that she could see that we had a peace she had not known. And I asked her if she wanted to pray for us to receive the greatest of all masters, and savior…She did! And we prayed! And so it was, that two weeks before dying, Teresa entered the Kingdom… just as Tim had prophetically declared some six months earlier!

I have been through a difficult period in my life this year and I didn’t cope. I began losing my hope in God, stopped attending church because of the drama and start reading more about atheism. I felt empty and I realized I was depressed.

There was a point in life where I felt like I had enough with it, actually two days ago, I couldn’t cope anymore and I didn’t know why I felt that way. Nobody knew how I was feeling and I’m not someone who expresses herself. I lost all hope and passion for God that I used to have. I was so close to committing suicide, the thoughts were haunting me and, randomly last night your prophecy played on my song list. It touched me and evoked life in me. I could feel Gods presence in my life and a renewal of strength. I cannot thank you enough man of God for all these times I’ve listened to the prophecy. I am a weak person and thank God for someone like you who can uplift me.
You are truly a “Prophetic Confirmer that restores joy to those who have fallen and can go forward no more….” Thank you so much. I cannot express my gratitude enough.
From P.S  South Africa.

I want to thank you for accepting my request and for taking the time
out to hear from the Lord. Everything you’ve said in the audio was 100% accurate, brought
encouragement, and was confirmed. I am so ever grateful for this prophetic word.

You are amazing, you will be favored that so many amazing things including a big crown that you will be receiving. You will encourage so many of God’s children…  Jesus Christ, Our  Warrior Angels, and our Almighty Father will be protecting you on earth!  When I first met you, my heart was honored to meet such an honorable brother who has always been faithful to Jesus…. E from CA.

I cannot believe this! This truly is a Christmas gift. I let my mother listen and she wanted to sleep while listening to the Prophecy because she was so happy. Thank you so much, Prophet Fox. You are so anointed and I truly appreciate the gift you have given me. I will remember you and will never forget the gifts you have given me. P from South Africa.