Resurrection April 20, 2019

I was saved at age 5, led to Jesus by my mother, Mary Fox. I sang with my brothers’ southern gospel songs for 15 years.
When I was 12 yrs old a $500.00 bass guitar and a bass amp was given to me, and I was encouraged to sing and play for Jesus. I loved to worship God in song, and later joined a few worship teams in Redding CA, I heard the Father speak to me during the worship set. He’d say, ” Tim watch what I am doing in the next song.” Or “let me play through you.” I did, and am in awe of His Word manifesting in worship. The Awe of God is in me every time The Father speaks a word that I feel is powerful for the listener. Take the time today to request a fresh prophetic word from the Spirit of God, the Father of lights and the Exalted Son, Jesus Christ. The Kingdom of God has come, will come and His Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
I send you this worship song with the voice the Father gave me to sing with and prophesy with from Him. Enjoy!