“In the same way, the Lord ordered that those who preach the Good News should be supported by those who benefit from it.” I Corinthians 9:14.

 A RECENT TESTIMONY: ” I thoroughly enjoyed our visit the other day. You prophesied a “small bag of gold” provision in the next 24 hours. Just wanted to confirm the Word. The next day a good friend told me he wanted to help out with our expenses and give us $1,000 and asked if we wanted check or cash! God is good.” R..   Read Amos 9:13 The Plowman will overtake the reaper. And ” You shall decree a thing, it shall be rise up before you. Job 22:28.

I have received your prophecy and I am most thankful and grateful. Thank you so much for your ministry.Your words combined with your voice sound like my Father. I do have a yes and AMEN for every word you said. It is all true.  B from the web.


Join the Crew Monthly Membership to support the Ministry  of  a  full time ministry for Prophet Fox.  Crew Members  give a monthly regular gift of $45.00 per month for 12 months. 

 As a Member of the inner circle you will receive the following valuable connections with The Parking Lot Prophet’s Ministry.   

A. We will send you the new white hat with the logo on the front as pictured below. 

Crew Member Hat

B. You will be notified to participate for  the Prophets Crew Member’s Conference Call that will happen once a month and a personal prophetic healing prayer on this call. 

C. You will also receive the Crew Member Newsletter Prophetically Inspired, and Timely that will inform you as a crew member to pray for this ministry, proclaiming new prophetic words for your city, state and our Nation. 




Ministries Offered:

1.Requesting  Personal Prophecies. A MP3 personal recorded prophecy will be sent to each requested word.   For a  nominal gift  you will receive a MP 3 in your email within a few weeks…Scroll down to the captains form .When you sow into the Prophet’s Ministry You are making a demand on The Word of God.  He is the ONE who will bless you in supernatural ways and by all means.  We make every effort to respond to the requests for prophetic ministry. We are thankful for your gift of any size, and  most people send a gift of $35.00 as a love gift to support this ministry.

If you requested without gift – your request is handled on a “first come, first served” basis. Your word will be typed out and sent to you within a few weeks.

Here is a recent testimony about a personal prophetic word received:

“I am so grateful for the Word of the Lord I received in this thread!  Thank you for your obedience to Him and the grace you have shown unto me! . 

 I had never heard of that ministry…..I contacted you because I needed a Word from the Lord…..in fact when I sought counsel from Him, I stated that I needed a ‘true and pure” Word…..I had no need of anything less.  So…..via the internet, the Holy Spirit lead me directly to you…..as one who would give me a “true and pure” Word…..Isaiah 50:4…..The Lord God hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned….THAT WOULD BE YOU PROPHET TIMOTHY FOX…..THAT WOULD BE YOU!
Have your words been true and pure…..YES THEY HAVE!!!!!  Am I sustained through the words of edification, exhortation and comfort…..YES I AM!!!!!  In fact you have spoken a number of things to me that only my Heavenly Father has spoken to me…..the kind of treasures that one hides in his heart!  You have confirmed a number of those treasures that I have never ever conveyed to another.

I AM BLESSED!!!!! as the Spirit of the Living God has led me to Prophet Timothy Fox!!!!!
You are a rich man in Him Prophet Fox…..truly a rich man in Him.  Thanks for sharing Him as you do!

2. Request  Your Dream Interpretation: a personally recorded MP3 interpretation is send for a nominal  gift… now . You will receive a MP 3 in your email within 3 weeks. Scroll down to the captains form, with a  gift the Father asks you to give for your breakthrough. Many people have sowed a gift of $55.oo for this ministry.

 Folks who request a word without gift will receive a typed email response on a first come first, served basis. Its a blessing to minister to you!

 Here is a recent testimony from someone who received a Prophetic Dream Interpretation: “Hi Tim, since you’ve released that word to me, the Lord has given me instructions. As I remain in prayer and obedience I am confident He will continue to order my steps. May God continue to bless your ministry.” From L.

 Request  An In-depth Personal Prophetic Experience: “Prophetic Counseling”

“A one on one connection to a veteran prophet is a rare opportunity…

Listen to a recent testimony here. ” http://Listen to “Prophet Timothy Fox” on Spreaker.

3.Prophetic Counseling is much like personal prophecy only more in depth, intense and interactive. You get to ask questions and share your heart in a live phone session and receive back the prophetic insight and utterance of God your life and situation. If you are in business, interested in starting a new business, have a vision for a product or service, book your prophetic counseling time with Prophet Timothy Fox These sessions last anywhere from 60 minutes or  an longer depending on your needs. 

Prophetic counseling is an in depth prophetic encounter guided by an experienced and mature minister in prophetic office. It involves a considerable amount of training, time and effort. Therefore we ask that you in appreciation  consider a suggested  gift of $200.00 for this ministry.

A Free Conference call number is sent to you in your email.  Then  click on the paypal link and prayerfully give your gift to this ministry. When a session lasts longer, then give a appropriate gift for the extended time.

4. A Prophetic Mentoring Call: The need for  this call has  recently grown from those seeking time with this Prophet to enhance their experience of a recent prophetic word, dream interpretation, or a prophetic counseling call. I can offer a half hour call or a one hour call. The call is interspersed with prayer, prophetic counsel, injected with a prophetic word in the midst of the call. Give your gift at Paypal, then a email with be sent to you to book your time as a first come first served availability. As a suggestion,many have sown $65.00 per session for this ministry.  



What the Father said about giving: ” Do you not know that those who work in the temple eat of its food, and those who serve at the altar partake of its offerings? 14In the same way, the Lord has prescribed that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.” I Corinthians 9:14 

8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead,[a] cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” MaTT 10:8

“Nor bag for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor a staff: for the workman is worthy of his food.” Matt 10:10  

Our Lord Jesus was not teaching that those who preach, teach, minister in the Gospel should do it without cost. What you value you will give something in return. The Gospel cost Jesus Christ his all. He freely laid down his life for us. “David’ But the king replied to Araunah, “No, I insist on buying it, for I will not present burnt offerings to the LORD my God that have cost me nothing.” So David paid him fifty pieces of silver for the threshing floor and the oxen.” “Expecting something for nothing is not from the Father, Son or Holy Spirit.” Said the Father.


There are two ways to give  by Papal or Mail a certified check or money order.

Here is the mailing address:

Prophet Timothy Fox 

P.O. Box 493381 

Redding CA 96049-3381


I know that Google mail can receive large files and has served this ministry very well. Here is a link to get a Free Gmail Account. Free Gmail Account Link, Click HERE!

“The words [rhema] that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” John 6:63


Recent testimonies concerning the Personal Prophetic Word:

“Thank you for your beautiful word. It seemed as if God was laughing at me while I listened to your message, as if He was saying to me “did you think I would say something else other than love him and be patient?” But I thank God that He understands me, He understands my need to be as sure as possible that I’m hearing from Him before making a major decision or taking a major step….he is healing me from past hurts”. From E.

Here are a few testimonies about Personal Prophetic Counseling Sessions:

***** I wanted to thank you for the time, the prayers and the Word. I was very emotional during our call as the Lord sent the Holy Spirit to comfort and free me – something I wasn’t expecting. I felt so good last night after the call! This is big stuff!!! Life changing stuff, that we were discussing!!! I know the Lord will carry me through either way, but it is kind of like going in for surgery – you know you will be taken care of by the best doctors, but you are still anxious of the pain in recovery – if there is any! Thanks again and God bless you! From C.


******I remember you saying during our prophetic session that we need to give like we have never given before. We’ve taken that to heart… and we’ve planted over a dozen large seeds into various ministries since our session and we intend to keep on giving as the Lord enables us. I’ve never written so many checks in such a short period of time. It feels good to bless the Kingdom of God…. the Spirit was saying that I should pursue my highest passion.. I wrote down while I was praying in the days after our session that I want to serve more effectively. I also wrote down during prayer I want to use technology to advance the Kingdom. I’ve been spending more time in prayer since our session and praying more fervently regarding the highest passion pursuit. I am believing God will make that more clear soon. I need your continued prayers as well.” From S.
****Hi! Prophet.Thank you for the Dream Interpretation and it is a huge help.


LEGAL : Not a substitute for professional, medical or legal advice. These recordings and phone sessions are gifted to you as an intangible religious benefit in appreciation for your gifts to bless this ministry. Prophet Fox does not sell or exchange these services for remuneration for your generous biblical gift, monthly or per request.

A Quick Word from the Prophet:

“My prayer is that the Spirit of God help people  receive His Word without preconceived standards that do not measure up to men’s erroneous teachings on the prophetic based upon a fear of man, or the entertainment value of a word. ( I was first called out by a prophet from Idaho and told you are a prophetic confirmer, with a gift of Knowledge that restores JOY), this was from Prophet Dick Williams. Many words of knowledge are spoken concerning healing. Amen Bring them on, because that’s what the Father does every day for people.

So if the Father says to you from someone a accurate word that edifies, exhorts or comforts you and if it has a word of knowledge is mixed into it then by all means receive it with gratitude. However if a word of knowledge is not included in your prophecy, know that The Father is STILL speaking to you in love from a vessel who stepped up with courage to release the Word of the Lord to you! This is a point of maturity and that people who receive prophetic words (prophecies) will not reject what the Father says to them.