Rejection from others is a fact of this world.

Daniel was a great prophet, writer, and lover of God. Daniel was a captive of an enemy king, castrated and told not to worship the God of Isreal. As a result of his decision to worship God, and not the despot heathen king, he was thrown into the lion’s den.  He prayed and God stopped the lions from killing him for dinner. Sometimes you are in a lion’s den from other Christians who are saying what they feel. I was told today, that even though many invites to my prophetic meetings that ” I don’t need to go to a meeting to hear a word from God, I have heard you give prophecies, and I hear from God for myself.” It really stings when you are face to face with a person who needs to hear that “you could be so much more in the kingdom than you are right now.” To choose to be limited by men’s opinions that they think is a word, then 6 months later they are in the midst of a blow-out and need a word. The battle is this many are called, few are chosen. Our nation is in a real battle for the Kingdom of God to come, “not by a political power, and not by a military might, but by My Spirit says the Lord.”

The fruit of a tree can be inspected in its harvest season. This confrontation today is a perfect example of men and women who are too arrogant or prideful to seek out help from someone who they may not like or respect because they are not part of the good looking cool kids crowd of a “church” or movement. I did ask for respect, and now I know why a favorite prophet says ” never answer your critics and never answer a question you were not asked.” I will remember this situation today and morn my feelings of rejection to Jesus. He was despised and rejected of his by his own..” Did you ever wonder where was Jesus’ brothers and sisters when he was on the cross? Isa 53.

Jesus said Blessed are you who mourn for you will be comforted.  So, to move on toward forgiving, release and bless this person today, I got my story out and are looking for the blessings of God. Its, never easy to hear ” what you do is not needed or respected” but Jesus said I have a reward for you who are rejected, its MY LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.

And the Prophet says to all COME GET SOME. Request your Prophets Call today!