This is Russ and Kitty Walden with Father’s Heart Ministry. I want to introduce you to a trusted prophetic voice in our lives. When I first met Tim Fox it was over the phone. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was on Hwy. 76 in “Old Town” Branson, Missouri about to get run over by an RV! As I navigated quickly out of the way of the RV bearing down on my car – Tim Fox was on the other end of the phone introducing him to us.

We get many phone calls. This time I saw a number with a California area code and the Holy Ghost prompted me to take the call. The man on the other line introduced himself as Tim Fox and shortly began to prophesy over Kitty and I. It was POWERFUL! It came to pass! It blessed our life! Usually Kitty and I are the ones doing the prophecy but we are always open to God’s instruments of which Tim was surely one.     

Having a near accident aside, as I listened to Tim I forgot about that because he gave a very improbable prophecy with specific details. I appreciated his boldness and his anointing. Within just a few days the situation he described in his prophetic word came to pass and brought great breakthrough to our lives! Since that time Tim has become a friend and also a member of the board of directors of Father’s Heart Ministry. He is a man with an anointing to prophesy, with a heart of love for God’s people that will bless you big time. Tim Fox is a heavy hitter in the prophetic. His words are anointed, precise and on point. Over the time we have known Tim’s prophetic ministry in our life has brought breakthrough and blessing in supernatural ways we can’t begin to enumerate. Kitty and I give our unqualified endorsement of this prophet of God. ” The Father says you are a Nation Changer, a Culture Shaper,
Kitty stated” I see you broadcasting like Russ, and your name becomes a household name,Prophet Russ Stated”
 a Prophet without a pedigree, for My Power will validate and vindicate your call and ministry in My Name”.
“Like Samuel of Old, Not One Word from the Father spoken by you will fall to the ground”.


Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden

Founders of Fathers Heart Ministry International

Fathers Heart Ministry
Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden                                                                        

Fathers Heart Ministries




“Tim Fox is a treasure house of living Rehema Words that will not fall to the ground….every word, every dot, every dash, everything carries life…. eternal words from Heaven originating from You (Father) and back to the people. Words with precision of Life and Love, in my meetings I have seen the prophetic word released, and fulfilled in the same meeting, and that’s what I see happening in this man’s ministry.Thank you Tim for the word. Very encouraging, as you can imagine over the years I have received similar words,However you’re confirming word has brought additional activation and increased faith for this current season.

Please know that the Holy Ghost is pleased with your desire to minister and your love for the word. God is moving you toward an injection to the body to minister as never before. With increased vision and supernatural knowledge to not only set the captives free, but the put them on the right track, the entrance of God’s will. Blessings my brother, thank you so so much for being obedient, I know it’s not always easy to minister as you have done today.
Prophet Jess Bielby

Prophet Jess


JoshuaProphet Tim Fox is a true prophet. I have known him for about 2 years. However, we are very good friends and brothers. He only prophecies what the Father shows him. He gave a prophecy to me which came true. We are both prophets and operate uniquely. I endorse Prophet Fox who is all about genuine prophetic words from Jesus.  


JoshuaJoshua Anquandah,

Featured in Epic Journey Movie on Daystar tv, author of ‘fresh revelation on the gospel of Matthew’.

God loves Tim Fox! And God loves to work through Tim Fox! Whether it be a timely prophetic word, a critical passage of scripture spoken into a situation or through prayer and the laying on of hands The Holy Spirit moves in power through the life and ministry of Tim Fox.
It has been a privilege of mine to know and serve along side Tim as he serves the Bride of his beloved Jesus Christ. I believe it speaks to the character and consistency of this man to see that he has stood his post at Risen King Community Church in Redding California for over two decades. Though senior leadership has changed Tim Fox has remained a crucial member of the worship, prayer and prophetic encouragement ministries.
On a more personal note The Lord has used Tim to speak words of encouragement and vision multiple times in my life, words that I have stood on to launch into the calling God has had for me.
I am grateful for this man’s life in our community, ministry and movement in the Body of Christ.
I am proud to recommend Tim Fox to prophesy into your Life, Church and Movement!

Friend, Musician, Jesus Follower.

Friend, Musician, Jesus Follower.

Aaron Wardle
Musician, Worship Leader, Writer and Recording Artist

Bolder Colorado





I was introduced to Tim Fox several years ago by Bishop Gabriel Abdelaziz, Pastor of The Revival Center in Paso Robles, Ca. Tim called me on the phone, and from that first supernatural connection, I prophesied to him of the call and anointing of a Prophet of God for his life. I have received many prophecies from Tim personally for my ministry and, praise God, He is faithful to His word revealed to His servants, as prophesied. God is raising up a prophetic generation today and Tim is positioned and anointed to speak the Fathers words, work, and presence into your life. We are co-workers in this exciting time in our churches, nation, and world. Give God the glory as He speaks through Tim into your life and ministry! Invite Him to come and minister to your life group, church and ministry.

Peggy Cole Ministries International
Prophet Peggy Cole

Awesome Prophet, Healer and Worshiper of God and His People.

Awesome Prophet, Healer and Worshiper of God and His People.









I have known Prophet Tim Fox for forty years. He and his wife possess a genuine love for the Lord. His faithfulness to both Jesus and his call is commendable. I have no doubts nor reservations to recommend this ministry. Prophet Tim has an ear and a heart for the Lord. As God is raising up prophets during these end times, I am sure Tim Fox is being positioned to reveal deep truths, warning and Godly insights.  Here is a Prophetic voice that must be listened to.

Bishop Gabriel Abdelaziz
Alpha Beth Ministries, Founder
The Revival Center, Founder/ Bishop/ Pastor


Tim Fox has been ministering prophetically at our church for years – on Sunday mornings as a part of our ministry team, in our prophetic encouragement room, and at conferences.  Many people have been blessed as he has passed on to them what the Father is speaking through him.  I personally have received words through Tim that have blessed me, encouraged me, and strengthened me.  Tim is passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom come, experiencing the manifest Presence and Power of God, and hearing and sharing what God is speaking; and his enthusiasm is contagious!

Senior Pastor – Tim Kayser


Pastor Tim Kayser


Risen King Community Church



I have been greatly blessed by this man’s accurate prophetic gifting. He shows up just at the right time to give a “Word from the Father” concerning The Stirring Church here in Redding CA. You will be well served by requesting  any of the anointing prophetic ministries my friend Tim Fox offers. Wherever The Prophetic is honored people prosper. Request Tim Fox to come preach at your house church or attend a meeting he hosts here in Redding CA.

Senior Leader, Founder of the Stirring Redding CA

Nathan Edwardson M.A. Senior Leader, Visionary and Founder of the Stirring Redding CA.