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  • From Prophet Russ Walden:  

    Can the Gifts of the Spirit be Taught? In Bible days there were schools of the prophets! Can you learn to prophesy? Some say NO! Is this so? The answer may surprise you:

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    In the Old Testament, the sons of the prophets gathered in schools to sit at the feet of great prophets such as Elijah and Elisha. These learners acknowledged the gifting of Elijah and Elisha and they understood that sitting at the feet of a prophet brought impartation and activation that couldn’t be experienced any other way (see 2 Kings 2:15). In these schools of the prophets there were prophetic words, miracles and even resurrections from the dead! The prophetic schools of the Old Testament were exciting places to learn how to walk in gifting and power from God!


    In the New Testament, Paul began his ministry in the company of prophets and teachers who activated him in his apostolic calling (See Acts 13:1-4). As Paul’s ministry continued, he taught extensively about cultivating the gifts as something that could be imparted, taught and released into the lives of those who had a passion, a zeal for the prophetic gifts and callings (See 2 Tim. 1:6 and 1 Cor. 14:1)! Regardless of what amounts to superstition and wrong teaching against learning and activating the gifts of God it IS your right and your blessing from God to glean from the experience of veteran prophetic voices such as Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.


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    [1Co 14:1] Follow after charity, and desire spiritual [gifts], but rather that ye may prophesy.
    Are you prophetic as a believer? Perhaps you even go so far as to feel that God has called you to the office of a prophet (wow!). There is help and there is encouragement! The Online Prophetic School of Father’s Heart Ministry is a safe and exciting learning environment where in the last many years over 2000 students have been activated and launched into their gifting. Many have even gone so far as to move into full time prophetic calling. Not everyone is called to the OFFICE of a prophet but EVERYONE and we mean EVERYONE is encouraged, and compelled in the scripture to desire, develop, activate and learn to prophesy!


    [1Co 14:31] For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.


    Are you hungry for more? Do you desire to move in the gifts of God? The online courses of Father’s Heart Ministry are comprehensive, easy and conveniently available online. In these courses, you will receive:


    What You Get:


    1.) A printed (PDF) study online every week;


    2.) A video teaching (on demand) by Prophet Russ Walden teaching from his years of experience;


    3.) AND most exciting – a safe, online forum just for you and others in your class from all over the world to actually put into practice what you are learning in the lessons!


    This one aspect of Father’s Heart Ministry’s Online Prophetic School is what our students tell us distinguishes what we do from other programs they have tried. You will learn and do and learn by doing in a joyful and exciting interaction with others who will prophesy to you as you learn and you will get to prophesy to them!

    Lastly – the greatest encouragement we can give you is from other students just like you who launched out and benefit from these powerful courses. Here my feedback:

  • I had taken a school of the prophets with another on-line ministry.  I had been blessed by the teaching of that prophet.
  • When I started taking this School of the Prophets from Russ Walden and the Father’s Heart Ministry, I experienced a acceleration of the Prophet’s Anointing in my life.
  • I found out just how simple hearing the voice of the Father is, and how I had been operating in some  of those area’s in the Spirit and yet did not perceive that there is an Iron that Sharpens Iron imparation awaiting me.
  • I know that many ministries offer courses about the prophetic, but not a hands on practical ways of practise and application of the Anointing and Gifts God has inside of me. This School of the Prophets, or Spirit is full of great teaching and practicum offered no where else I know.
  • I heartily and most gladly recommend The Fathers Heart Ministry School of the Prophetic.
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