Receive your release from the law, walk in Faith

I have been reading, studying, and experiencing a new hunger for His overwhelming word of Grace of Jesus in me. The Mirror Bible, The Passion Translation, and many other newer translations are so full of revelation of the amazing installation of the new man in Christ in me. It is a journey that started many years ago when normal Christian culture was not enough. I walked away from many theories of work to become Christianity into rest in His grace experience. Like a juicer set on high that makes a smoothie of nourishing breakfast ingredients, Father instigated this in me to bring me to today, a thousand light-years from the man of try hard to rest in the finished word and work accomplished over two thousand years ago in the perfect representative of man and God, Jesus Christ! What I once strived for, to have peace in God, and hear His voice is simple yet profound today. I will state this, you cannot work to get this, you cannot plan to get into this life, it’s all about a revelation of Jesus Christ in you, on you and through you that catapults you to living in the His perfection, His Kingdom and His peace.

I invite everyone hungry for Him to stop searching for methods, or steps to accomplish to win His Approval. Contact me for a real revelation of Him through the loving care of His Holy Spirit today. Ask Jesus for your revelation of His perfect word that will change your life!