Request a Prophet’s Call Today.  This ministry is for those seeking a live phone call that will be recorded via an mp3 voice file and sent to you within 24 hours. This focus of the call is to hear a Word from the Father for a twenty-minute call for a suggested gift is $55.00. The appointments are available Monday through Saturday Pacific Standard Time. So check for your time zone vs Pacific Standard Time, give you gift. Then you will be contacted by email to confirm your appointment. 

Recent testimonies of the Personal Prophets Call:

This was spot-on, timely, encouraging, accurate, kind, and left me in tears.” Thank you. E.

God bless you, Prophet Timothy, I Have been beyond blessed by the prophetic word I have let it sink in my spirit and meditate on it. I will be sure and listen and follow the instructions.  I would like this ministry to become my Prophet.   God Bless you!

“Thank you for your beautiful word. It seemed as if God was laughing at me while I listened to your message as if He was saying to me “did you think I would say something else other than love him and be patient?” But I thank God that He understands me, He understands my need to be as sure as possible that I’m hearing from Him before making a major decision or taking a major step….he is healing me from past hurts”. From E.

Hi Prophet Tim, it’s been some time since I have gotten back to you concerning our prophets call. First I want to thank you this is and was accurate and true I remember feeling the Lord presence in our time it was personal and very encouraging I will continue to listen to this and pray as you suggested thank you again This is beneficial to anyone who would make the call it is worth it!










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