Prophecy is the Inception of His Word Deeply Embedded Into Your DNA

I am a fan of the Prophetic Movement of God today. I love to see, hear and receive His Voice in our culture.

I have found He speaks through culture of music, movies, plays and books. A favorite movie is a film called INCEPTION. This film is chalk full of symbols, allegories, pictures and messages directly related to the Prophetic word and work of God the Father. He speaks to us in dreams, visions, books, and testimonies written and spoken to us each day. God is the Author of All Knowledge, Wisdom and Experience. He does not hold back working at all times, through all things to reach you with His Message of Hope, Life, Health, Love and Favor from Him through all that He has done for you since the beginning. He sent His Son to cultivate the Inception of Grace and Favor toward your Father through the Door, the Way, The Truth, The Good Shepard, The Messiah, and the only one in History that has risen from the Dead, Jesus Christ.
The Inception of the God who loves you, speaks to you personally, involves Himself in your life was unheard of back in Israel at the time of one of History’s most brutal empires, The Roman Government.
He spoke of Love, demonstrated Healing for all, and transcended time in showing us the Glory of ONE who does what He sees the Father doing, traveled where the Father desired, and Loved People, of all stations in life and creeds.
The Prophetic Creates the Inception of the Fathers Idea Virus that will take root into willing souls that are ready to hear, and act upon the Idea ( Prophecy) that will change their DNA of their mind, body, and spirit.
Here is the Link to a new prophecy of The Inception of Prophecy:

Enjoy and request your Idea Virus or Prophecy now.image001-1