A Lions Fast, A Kings Faith and Evil Peers Demise.

Daniel 6 there is a regime change from the Babylonians, who were killed and out of power overnight it seems from chapter 5 of Daniel.

The focus of this chapter seems to be how Daniel enemies wanted to do away with him. Daniel and the three Hebrews had been tested for their faith. From the trial of the 3 who had been thrown into the furnace, Daniel and the 3 Hebrews were on someone’s radar. I’m drawn to this chapter because of these events:
Daniel went about his daily routine despite knowing about the new decree made law by his King. The craftiness of others in this new kingdom who viewed Daniel as a usurper, now used the King for their own political purposes. They worshiped the king why is Daniel so special? Its only 30 days. Daniel is then is put into the lion’s den as the law of the Medes and Persians stated, recently signed by the New King that was designed by these devious people. Daniel goes into the den without a fight, as the King prophesied to Daniel “Your God whom you serve continually he will deliver you.” Daniel had a reputation that this king had known about and was respected for it. Daniel had served Nebuchadnezzar by interpreting two of his dreams, then Daniel served his son Belshazzar by interpreting the language of the writing on the wall during this king’s drunken party using the scared cups stolen from the temple in Jerusalem. Daniel gives this King a history lesson about how arrogant his father was, and then gives Belshazzar the amazing interpretation. We read how Daniel was honored and that night the Medes and Persians overthrew this king and his kingdom. So, we now read how this king respected Daniel and fasted that night on behalf of Daniel’s peril. Interesting note, I believe this king had firsthand knowledge of the ways of the Hebrews such as fasting and praying. Then early in the morning this king goes to the lion’s den and calls out to Daniel. Daniel is alive, and still honors the King in his response. The King then gathers up these peers of Daniel and casts them into the same lion’s den that Daniel has just survived and said, “My God had sent His Angel to stop the lions mouth”. It may have been the same Angel that walked around the Fiery Furnace where Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego had survived (not even the smell of smoke on them). A couple of observations about Daniel Chapter 6:
1. Daniels life style was beyond reproach, as he “had the Good and Holy Spirit of God in him”. Question for you” do you have an excellent Spirit within you that will deliver you and send you before kings to rule in reign in the Kingdom of God today?
2. Daniel had interpreted dreams and interpreted a supernatural message written from an Angel of God a “prophetic word sent to all those attending this party and to the King. Q. What prophetic word and dreams have you received that have not manifested yet? Will you fast and pray till your answer comes? Will you ask, seek, or knock so your doors will open?
3. Your expectation needs to manifest like this king’s faith. Will you request your personal prophetic word today? The word you receive may be the word that will deliver you from your lion’s den, then put you in honor’s way.

4. Are you facing a lions den today? The Father has a word to deliver you from evils thoughts, words or plans to steal, kill or destroy your destiny. Will you trust Your Fathers Prophetically spoken and hand writing on the wall of your life?  Go to the Ministry Request Page now, give you gift then exercise your faith by looking for your answers from the Father, in the morning.

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