Jesus Never Said No.

” If you are willing I can be made whole..Jesus said I am willing..” Luke 5:12-13.

In so many places Jesus was around many people who needed healing.

This story is one I take so much joy in sharing. Jesus was moved by one man’s plea, a simple request to the one who would heal him now. This man was identified by the horrible disease called leprosy.
Notice this man knew how to place himself for the answer, he fell face down.
Once Jesus saw that this man was on his face, worshiping God before everyone there Jesus loved this man and said ” I am willing”.

His Righteousness is a free gift that we can do nothing to attain in any works on our part. We are invited to fall on our face before our Lord Jesus and say, Lord you are willing, I am healed by your word. ” By His Stripes ye were HEALED.”
1st Peter 2:24.

“He sent His word and Healed them”. Psalm 107:20

Request your healing prophetic word now.
Blessings of His Glory on you.