It’s time to believe The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation 22:1.” And he pointed to me a river with crystal clear, living waters, flowing out of God’s throne, endorsing the reign of the Lamb.

2.” The Tree of Life is the central throughout the City -right down the middle of the street as well as on each side of the River, producing twelve varieties of ripe fruit, all year round. The leaves of the Tree are for the healing of the nations.

3. There will be no memory of any curse! God’s throne endorsing the reign of the Lamb, will be the presence in her. Mankind’s redeemed innocence is the central theme of the city! And they,  his bond-bride, will worship him for all eternity!

Prophet’s note: Reading Revelations is a blessing the writer John states that whoever reads the book and listens to it being read will receive a blessing.  I am wondering who would like to hear this whole book read from the Mirror Bible? If so send an email to for more information.

In light of all of the recent national and world events, isn’t it about time we read and believe Jesus Christ’s Revelation as written by John translated from Greek using the Septuagint version?

This is what is in you

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