Insight about receiving thirty, sixty or hundred fold from the Word of God.

I was reading Mark 4:3-20 today. Jesus is speaking a parable to the crowd concerning the Parable of the thirty, sixty and hundred fold return. Some people do not receive beyond a thirty or sixty percent return concerning investing, healing, prophetic words, and the movement of God for their destiny and calling.
What is the key to receiving more than the minimum of breakthrough for your life? As you receive the Word of the Lord from the Logos and in Rehema form, first be encouraged and thankful for the measure of the manifestation of your breakthrough. Read Mark’s Gospel again, and you will realize the Jesus purposely spoke to the crowd in parables so that they will seek Him in their life for the understanding not the Law. Jesus is the Way, The Truth and The Life. He explained Parables to His Followers like this many times. The Keys to Understanding have been given to them so that they may hear and receive the word.
Now the amount of breakthrough He stated was some received thirty, sixty or hundred fold. This can be applied to your daily life concerning all of your needs.
When you receive prayer for healing, and feel a measure of healing, keep on asking for your one hundred fold breakthrough, as Our Lord Jesus stated the man or person who received the word with joy and it fell on good soil, had prepared the soil of his life for a harvest.Some do not receive a lasting breakthrough. We are to look at the normal cycle of seeding and harvest today for wisdom concerning our breakthrough. I.E when I have received prophecies concerning the ministry God has called me into or any area that needs more of His Presence, I continually rehearse the word that is in a file on my phone. Why would I do that? Because I found out that I need to prepare the soil of my total being to believe the fresh Word of God that I received by activating the Water of the Spirit of God. This act is for the seeds of new callings, anointing and or destinies revealed to me from the Lord. Passivity should never be a position or a “wait for it, or we’ll see statement.
We wait by actively asking, seeking and knocking on these doors for more of His Supernatural Manifest Presence in our life. No One can ever just resign to say ” well God knows where I live, and He can rain down what He said to me anytime He wants”. Prayer is not begging or pleading, it is ruling and reigning with God the Father for His Word and Will to manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven. The Kingdom of God is within you, and its time to believe what His Word has said over 2,000 years ago.
The word is this, keep on believing for your healing, financial breakthrough, calling and anointing to manifest. You received a thirty percent, now there is still 70% still waiting for you! Continually pray as Paul says, pray in tongues, pray in faith, just pray and you will receive.
Request your prophetic word today to activate the New God has for You!