Highlights from the Parking Lot Daily Word “Beaten”

                                                                       Beaten to a Pulp

Romans 16:20 The Passion Translation (TPT)20 And the God of peace will swiftly pound satan to a pulp[a] under your feet! And the wonderful favor of our Lord Jesus will surround you. Footnotes:
Romans 16:20 The Greek word means “to beat up someone to a jelly” (or pulp). See also Ps. 60:12.

I woke up with this word today first thing this morning.  I have in the past watched “Rocky” movies. Rock will have the chance of a lifetime to fight a known world champion. The show of a fight turns into a real fight for Rock’s opponent. Rocky by the end of the fight gets beat badly, ” or to a pulp”. It’s hard to watch, and the end of the movie is somewhat uplifting.
Jesus was beaten to a pulp by the hands of men. He endured it to open the way to the Father. He is the door that can never be shut because the precious blood of Jesus cleansed us from ALL  unrighteousness. Trust and Rest in His Gift of Righteousness by FAITH. It was done for you. So now realize that satan is beaten to a pulp and you have nothing to fear. It has been shammed, beaten and declared a fool. Say that to yourself, your bank account, about any circumstance that stands against your righteousness, peace, and joy in the Kingdom of God. So consider sickness, diseases, poverty, guilt, shame, lack, fear, anger, lust or greed beat to a pulp and put under your feet.