God Repays!

The joy of giving is a ready-made way that God The Father proves His Word is real and His Love. The Father directed me to give ( last week)  everything above an amount_____. So as I did from the Ministry PayPal Account, and I asked for a miracle to receive in return.  God repays all who ask Him. It’s in His Word ” Give and it WILL be given unto you that is what He (God) wanted to see in me, faith that can and will move mountains of debt, first in my life and in others. I woke up one morning, (3 days from giving this gift) and a gift was in the ministries Paypal Account, that was ten times the amount given.  I want all who follow the voice of the Father, that He will provide, and give a better return than any bank on earth.

I exhort anyone who wants to put it on the line to trust what the Father is saying right now, “trust Me in this now, and I will make it worth your while as you will experience what this prophet has testified. Now give and Let Me Take it from here.”

So give now what He is directing you to give and expect your return, your repayment greater than what He directed you to give now.

The Paypal button is on the first page and the request ministry page.  Expect His Word,  Believe His Word, and Plan to be in His Word to win as  King in Life by Jesus Christ!

Sowing and Reaping is Gods Word to Bless you!