Giving Part 2

I was speaking to another Prophet yesterday and the Father kept giving me a picture of a car that was being filled up at a gas (filling) station with fuel. Our bodies need fuel, your bank account needs fuel,(checks paid to you) a stream of income so you can buy the things needed for your life, your family and your business. It is a privilege to voice the Fathers Word and Heart to you, as many have sent requests for personal prophetic words. It does take some time to reply and your gifts and donations to offset the cost of the ministry and time devoted gives gas to the tank. I’m asking that all who want a word will donate your best gift to add gas to the tank. You see you would not expect to drive your vehicle up to a filling station, and expect to pay nothing at all for the needed fuel for your vehicle. So before you send me your request for a fresh prophetic word, give and know that it will be bless many, fuel the tank of the Prophetic Ministry and further the future sowing and reaping coming to you in 2014. 22509