From Poverty to Provision.

I am sharing something that I hope will help a lot of people struggling with cash flow or your income has been reduced. As I write this short post this subject is very current and personal. Getting your breakthrough from the Father is a vastly creative adventure. Like the Steven Curtis Chapman song, ” Saddle up your horses, we got a trail to blaze..” Your breakthrough will come as you seek first the Kingdom of God.. Matt 6:33. Lots of good people try to teach formulas, or expand your businesses, join a MLM or whatever. So today, I received a phone call from a prospect  that had a legal process to submit what I had offered to her and her entity a custom and exclusive project. Long story short, after months of submitting information, and the pains taking process of this open bid deal, a favorable call came in and now I  am recalling this process, and feeling a pick up moment, ( some jewels of God’s Process) in the midst of relief and moving forward from here. Some people like the idea that I can go out and get another job, or pay my way into a mlm, or start a new widget business and be a success. I disagree. I read in a PMI book that “what a mind can conceive or believe, it can achieve”.   What would Jesus do?  The answer is this ” He sought to do what and where he was led everyday by the peace of His Father, and the Holy Spirit’s peace and joy in Him and Upon Him. Then He set time to pray, fellowship, hang out, and love on His Poppa. I have experienced some extraordinary events, moments, dreams and visions lately, ( like the last 10 years or so). Those experiences are priceless. Some very powerful words, presence of God, and visions have happened during the last few Prophetic Counseling Sessions. I am happy for those who were on the phone with me and have a recording of the event.  I can state, this present breakthrough has something to do with:

  1. Never giving into fear of the unknown. God has not given me the spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind.( you are a priest and a king, so let the Kingdom of God come and act and speak what you believe, not speaking what you see.
  2. Never stop praying the Father’s Prophetic Words spoken to you by a Anointed Prophet. ” war with your prophecies.” Prophet Russ Walden and the Apostle Paul. Some give cookie cutter words, warm and fuzzy, with no anointing.
  3. Seek new ways to give to the poor, give to others in need, and seek to give to those who have fed you, blessed you and invested their time, anointing into your life. A Kingdom Believers Practice today.
  4.  I suggest that you book a Prophetic Counseling Session, a Prophetic Word or a Prophets Call ( only for those who have received ministry from this Prophet and have given the suggested gifts to bless this ministry.)