The Father says you are a Nation Changer, a Culture Shaper.


As a Prophet who speaks and writes about the nation I live in, I am appalled today by a political party that  celebrates a vote to enrich the elite “”The top 1/10th of 1 percent today in America owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent.” Bernie Sanders at Liberty University, a college I attended. I traveled for Liberty University believing the mantra of  the Moral Majority. I was told that we (the U.S.A.) were created to be a nation under God. This Nation has not been a light to the world for Justice, Religious Freedom, and Tolerance of any people. Our current Republican Administration is very intolerant of anyone who is not rich, not anglo saxon,  an immigrant or in poor health. The Republican Party will have the rule of the White House, Congress and the Senate taken from them, in the next fifty years or sooner I pray!

The vote by the House of the demonic death care( american healthcare act) today demonstrated their love for money, that supports the ultra rich or .01% of the wealthiest people and corporations who rule them. Rips healthcare from those who are in poor health and could not afford an open market health care system.

The Washington Post today 5/04/2017. ‘The measure proceeded without the benefit of an analysis from the Congressional Budget Office of its cost and impact on insurance coverage, and it did so after many Republicans openly acknowledged that they hadn’t read the bill. President Trump also promised “insurance for everybody,” which the measure will not achieve.”

The American Health Care Act, which passed by a vote of 217 to 213, nonetheless represented a significant if incomplete political victory for President Trump.

I am tired of hearing this: ” God placed him in office, so it must be His Will.” Really? Apply that statement to the election of Hitler in Germany January 30th 1933.  Apply that belief to 6 million Jews slaughtered by Hitler. I believe that statement did not apply to the best choice for Israel who chose Saul as a King. 1Samuel 9: Saul was anointed by Prophet Samuel as a deliverer. Then ”  “I am sorry that I ever made Saul king, for he has not been loyal to me and has refused to obey my command.” Samuel was so deeply moved when he heard this that he cried out to the LORD all night. 1 Samuel 15:11. God regretted that Saul became King, and I regret that my brethren, and many other Americans ever cast their ballot for a man who is not fit to office of the President of the United States.  ” Exit polls show white evangelical voters voted in high numbers for Donald Trump, 80-16 percent, according to exit poll results. That’s the most they have voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 2004, when they overwhelmingly chose President George W. Bush by a margin of 78-21 percent.” See Washington Post online.

I heard my friends say today” I’m not getting political, but God is in control and His Purpose is greater than this healthcare bill today”.

The Prophet is political as Samuel anointed Kings, and many Prophets prophesied to the Kings at the time and many lost their lives for speaking the truth, being a truth teller.

Folks if you are trusting in a man, a political party to bring about change for the good, forget about it now. Research who appointed the Supreme Court Justices when Roe v Wade was written into the laws of our nation. America and the Political Party in power now does not hold the high moral ground about anything, i.e. the abortion issue.

I pray that Father will have mercy on this government who demonstrates the beliefs of Ayn Rand, rather than Jesus Christ who fed the poor, healed the sick, raised the dead and brought the lowly, economically poor abundance, read about Peter’s boat load of fish.

Blind Balaam good donkey