Father is Infinite, Unfathomable and Other. 

 A bounded set leadership demands people to think like the leadership’s convictions, beliefs, and worldview today.  I remember a fellow prophet and friend telling me that if you think and speak ( against the current tide of current anointed leaders) then you maybe in danger of fighting against Gods Will. My Father does not take sides (political or religious) in a lesser mountain than His Mountain or Sphere. Look at the 7 Mountain Teaching taught by various well known teachers for more information.  I ask this question, have you seen any will flowers lately? Their not created to be the same, but all different in for shades, shapes or sizes. The Kingdom needs people not to become uniform in looks, speech or convictions. My Father delights in creating diversity through out the cosmos to our beautiful ethnicity of tribes in our world. I urge you to not focus on the superficial of the 6 mountains to try to fit in, but focus on the Majesty of The Father of All Creation, Who infinitely planned our lives and The Way, The,Truth The Life to walk among us. He rebuked those who hated others and loved the ugliest of us. So celebrate your life in this moment, trust that His Plan is so beautiful, so diverse, so infinite and  courageously perfect in Him for you, your city, state or nation. Yes Celebrate diversity, not sameness. 

Just Go For IT!