Experience His Holiness

I am so blessed by His wonders, gifts, mercies and presence that shows up when we least expect it. I was with a worship team on our usual practice/worship night recently. We (the band) were in the midst of free flowing worship when I smelled something that was different and strong in the air.
I looked at the band and said, Hey guys, do you smell that? Some acknowledged they had others were not sure. As we continued the fragrance continued to sweep in around me. I asked the Father, What is this? He said You are standing on the well that has been capped, and as you worship the music drills down into this well. Enjoy it this is for you and your friends at this church.
As Sunday came, I noticed in the second service, a breakthrough happened in the set with the song called After All (Holy) by David Crowder Band.
Most of the band stopped playing, and a moment of His Peace swept into the building. Then His People started singing the Holy from the chorus. What a special time and space He Created for us.

You can enter into His Presence today. Request your personal prophecy, play a favorite worship band. His Presence is ready to heal you, fill you and bless you now.