End Times ? Naa God Wins, We Win!

Hi Fox Tribe, This blog is from a friend Anthony Portillo about the “End Times” Ent Times?
It seems like everywhere you turn in Christian circles people are talking about “the last days” or “end times”. It is widely believed in the American church that we are living in the time of the end of the world. This concept has caused great fear and confusion in the body of Christ and has paralyzed the church.

While it’s very clear that the writers of Scripture wrote about the “last days”, we must remember the time period in which they lived. Something of utmost significance happened in 70AD that forever changed the Jewish world. 40 years after Jesus prophesied of the event, Jerusalem was demolished and the Temple was destroyed. The interesting aspect of this event is that while 1.1 million Jews perished, in the destruction, there were no Christian casualties! It seems that the early church believed what Jesus prophesied and when they saw the signs Jesus described, they fled the city and avoided disaster.

Many people who teach that we are the generation that will witness the end, rarely teach about what happened in 70AD or they downplay the significance this had on the Jewish world. The Scriptures and the historical record lead us to conclude that the generation between 30-70 AD was indeed the terminal generation. This is the generation that saw “the end of the world”.

I want to challenge you to open your heart and mind to receive this truth. Challenging what we have been taught is not easy but it’s worth it. It means challenging those who have taught us, which is not any easier but it is necessary. Understanding the truth can set us free from defeatist mindsets and help us to steward the grace that has been given to us. The sky is not falling, the Kingdom is advancing! Join the revolution!