The Prophet’s Call App

The New Android App called Prophet’s Call is available for Andriod Devices. 

The inception for this ministry came about from a word given to me by Prophet Russ Walden.

” This unique ministry will become very popular.”  Prophet Russ Walden

Here is the link:

” You know who your Pastor is, but do you know how to contact your Prophet is?”.

A 15-minute call with Prophet Tim Fox can change your life. As He speaks the Word of the Father to impart a word of encouragement, exhortation, and comfort to the hearer on the call. Many times a “word of knowledge” mixed in with a life-changing, positive and anointed moment made possible by the Prophet’s Call. Look for this logo in the Google App Store.

Under this logo, you will read Request Your Prophetic Word.

Here is the link:

Then Watch the Video.

Request your Prophets Call date and time, give your gift via PayPal.

“I listen to my prophetic word almost daily… I experience the same Presence and anointing as the time it was given to me….you are an awesome blessing to all that have and will receive words from the Father through your ministry”!!! from D.

“*Truly God is speaking through you and for you. Every word of the prophecy is very true and energizing. ”