Christ Victorious

This is what the Father says: all of mankind’s blindness, sin, and illness was nailed to the cross. As The Son bled out, His Blood cleansed us, as his perfect body was exposed, it absorbed all of our darkness. Then the sky turned dark and the earth shook when the Perfect One who created the same proclaimed “it is finished” like He did when He rested and said, “this is good” at creations dawn.
His body was lifeless, an empty shell. As his body was carried to a tomb, He was busy carrying our sin to a Neverland in eternity. He proclaimed liberty to those who were captive. All of mankind’s failures, debts and darkness were dead and buried gone. 3 days later He as He said: ” I lay down my life and was given the power from the Father to raise it again”. When Jesus raised the shell of His Body to breath New Immortal, Eternal, and Incorruptible Life into it, He said: ” This is Really Good”. So our part is simple yet seen as foolish by the wise of this world. You reckon your sins, illnesses, and darkness dead now. Say” that’s all a fleeting shadow.” You now have access to perfection in His Perfect, Abundant and Peaceful Life as a son of God, a joint heir in Jesus Christ. Step into the New Blood Covenant and The Kingdom of God by faith created in you and a faith that will set your feet upon the solid rock today. ” Whom the Son sets FREE, is FREE indeed.”