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Before Direction H

Before Direction H

Timothy has enjoyed success in Business since 1982. He has successfully worked in the following business spheres, Retail, County Services, Professional Trades and Niche Marketing and Sales.
If your looking for breakthrough in any sphere life, ( or 7 mountains) book your prophetic counseling time with a King/Priest Prophet Timothy Fox.
My Testimony: I have been using the Brain Peace for men for over 30 days now. I am sleeping more soundly in very little shoulder or back pain. When I wake up , I follow the suggestion to use the day formula to sustain energy through out the day. I highly recommend this product.
In the last two years I also was on the weight loss products called Direction Lean. My weight was at a high of 215-220. I bought the protein first with the direction lean products for men my age. In 12 weeks I had lost over 45 lbs. The program takes commitment and courage to see it through to a desired weight. I am very satisfied with these results of achieving my desired weight loss and working to keep the majority of the weight in control. During this time, Dr Wilson who is the founder of this food based system of weight loss and healthy lifestyle developed a new product to help curb the intake of carbs on a daily basis. These products work, it’s all about the science of how these food based products work in your body. Our designer, God has placed with people He trusts these wonderful protocols to help you “live a life to the fullest”. John 10:10

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you, the reader to a new way to think, speak and eat your way to a new level of health for your whole being.

Since we are created in God’s Image, it is important to find out how, what, and when can I develope a healthy routine so I can live in His Maximum Intended Perfect Plan for me.

I will be posting in this blog about what I have experienced as a way to increase sleep, eat and be more active to live with His Divine Plan today.
The First link I am posting is a new line of products that can change your health in 60 days or less.

Do you want to know more? Ok Here is the link to Direction H The New Direction for You

There are a lot of health products offered today. I can only refer you to this protocol because I am using these products now.

Read about the whole system of health offered at the above webpage and make your own decision.

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Feel Free to check out the Direction H plan then contact me for more information at foxdirect@charter.net

Speak and Live

Speak and Live