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Who is Tim Fox?

Tim has followed the voice of Jesus from an early age.  He has experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in many powerful ways.
Timothy Fox’s Call and Anointing: I was saved at the age of 5, led to Jesus by my Mother Mary Fox. From that moment, I felt something was different inside of me and a longing to know Jesus Christ. As I attended Sunday School  I wanted to see and experience the supernatural, because of the Old Testament stories of Abraham, Moses, Samson, Elijah and like in the New Testament that featured  Jesus Christ, how He healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. I expected to somehow see God’s power demonstrated just like I heard of in the Bible. I was five years old when I joined my brothers in a trio, performing from Northern CA to Southern CA. We booked concerts in local Churches, Church Camps, Colleges, Schools, Entertainment, and Businesses.

There were several times when I sensed God’s Hand and Calling on my life.
When I was a teenager, and our trio was booked for a concert at a church camp in Northern CA.
In my downtime one day, I was invited to join a couple of counselors for lazy river rapids ride in an inflatable raft for a couple of hours one afternoon. The river after several miles turned rough, and I was thrown out of the raft.
The paddle I held from the raft was yanked out of my hand as the river’s undertow began to pull me deeper toward the bottom of the river. As this happened to me like a so motion movie, I realized I could do nothing to save myself from drowning. So I prayed, “God my life is in your hands”. Immediately, His Peace comes over me, all the while I was being swept further down the river. Suddenly I felt rock and thought this rock can save me. I put my hands up above my head, came up out the rapidly rushing water, and held on to slippery and slimy rock. In a few minutes, my friends came by, and pull me out of the river and into the raft. I was told we thought you had drowned. I rehearsed what had just happened telling my friends, how God saved me. They suggested I testify that night at our camp concert. I shared the testimony of how I should have died that afternoon, and that Jesus saved my life for a reason. About 250 kids had packed out this camp meeting and concert. As I shared what happened to me, I felt led to ask anyone who wanted to Know God and His Love in their life, come forward and seek Him now. These kids rushed the front of the stage, as the powerful yet loving Presence of God, filled the meeting so much so, that you could not find a place to step around kids and counselors who were seeking Christ’s Forgiveness, Love and Powerful Presence in their lives with hundreds of re-commitments to Jesus Christ.

Larry Randolph prophesied concerning this event years later ( the powerful undertow, river, and raft) that had created fear of premature death in me. This Prophet commanded a blessing of peace and long life in me. He called me forth to do what God had planned for me in the ministry and in my life. I have enjoyed His Peace ever since the Father used a Prophet who gave an accurate the Prophetic Word to deliver me from fear.

Double Down on The Word.

Double Down on The Word.

Timothy has enjoyed success in Business since 1982. He has successfully worked in the following business spheres, Retail, Professional Trades, and Niche Marketing and  Advertising Sales.
If you are looking for a breakthrough in any sphere life,  book your anointed encouragement counseling time with Timothy Fox.

Tim and his wife attend a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Redding CA, Tim served on the worship team as a bass player for 20 years, At the same time was serving on the ministry teams at the end of each service or when called upon. 

Several Prophecies about Gods call into the Ministry of the Prophet:

A powerful word was from Prophet Dick Williams of Idaho. He was visiting  Risen King Community Church on Sunday Morning and ministered prophetically and musically. I will never forget being ministered to by this prophetic minstrel as  he called me a “Prophetic Confirmer that restores joy to those who have fallen and can go forward no more….” I was stunned, in a daze but blessed beyond words. My wife quickly stated, “ No one knows you better than I do and I know that Word was from God.”

In the earliest days of the Renewal Meetings here in Redding CA, Risen King had hosted the week-long meetings for several months.
The Inception of these meetings came about when Dr. Terry Wardle had visited The Airport Vineyard at the height of the renewal movement to see what’s this all about. He had a powerful encounter, and Terry brought back to Redding and Risen King Community Church, the Toronto Blessing. I was attending a Sunday Morning  Adult class that Terry taught on the Holy Spirit. He gave his testimony about the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit at the Toronto Meetings. At the end of his testimony,  Terry invited the Holy Spirit to Come. The Powerful Presence of God broke out into the room and on many people. They started weeping and some started laughing and falling to the floor. A friend walked over to me and said, you are going to Experience God now in a new a fresh way. He has seen you since you were a little boy and has loved you ever since and, He is here now and you will experience joy. All of a sudden, I was falling to the floor, crying, laughing, and enjoying an awesome presence of God that I had never felt before. For those who have never experienced  Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory, when you ask Him, you will receive. I have never,  been the same since. As Prophet, Dick Williams prophesied ” “A Prophetic Confirmer that restores joy to those who will call it absurd, but the gift of The Word of Knowledge will be wrapped in Love and Contagious Joy ” Jesus Christ baptized me in Joy, Activated a Prophetic Call and  Anointing that day in 1995,  and hunger for movement and presence of God.

Prophet Bob Jones

Prophet Bob Jones

Bob Jones’s impartation: One night at a Bethel Conference, Prophet Bob Jones was there imparting a prophetic word for the house and into many people who were there that night. He asked to lay hands on all (full time)ministers would line up in an area in the building for identification of their gifts and callings for the Kingdom. I and a friend went to that section as fast as we could walk. After about an hour, Prophet Bob Jones was right in front of me. He asked me to put my left hand up in front of me, and as I did this, one then two then three fingers started to shake, and Bob identified with pinpoint accuracy the Holy Spirit’s Gifts and Callings on my life. The last anointed word was that was a gift of healing and Bob said “I see another Benny Hinn”.  Oh my, I thought, then Bob molded his left hand as if to push into me a ball of fire, Bob said ” Power Anointing”! I hit the floor, reeling from this encounter from the Prophet who prophesied and urge all to “Learn to Love”

Bob Jones wanted everyone to have all that Jesus told him and gave him. I honor this man that LOVED GOD and LOVED His People. His Anointing as a Seer is remembered as one of the most accurate prophets of his time.  He is with the ONE now as Bob Jones has graduated to Heaven on February 2, 2014. See YouTube for Bob Jones’s testimony of his death experience, returning to us and proclaiming the Love of Jesus and His Kingdom to come on Earth.

Several years later I attended another special meeting at Bethel in Redding CA. Flowing in worship and giving an offering, I was walking back to my seat, and the Powerful Spirit of God almost knocked me to the floor as I grabbed the hand of a friend I knew, Jerry who held me up. Jerry spoke to me about a next-level power anointing upon me as evidence by this encounter.  The Power and Love of God are so real, that this Holy Spirit encounter continued, The Holy Spirit gave me the gift of tongues, along with laughter, and an open eye vision of millions of lights that were lit in a vast night sky.  I heard the Father say” these lights are millions of souls that will be born into the Kingdom shortly”. The Holy Spirit had visited me with power, sight, and glory at that moment. He continually manifests in me with Joy, Peace, and His Love.

I have always loved music, and I developed a talent to sing and a love for playing the bass guitar. I have worshiped with several worship leaders at Risen King, WER1 Band, and other bands.  I have a love and prophetic anointing of knowing that the Spirit is moving in each service. so that’s why I  integrate worship music with prophetic words spoken to people who call the Prophet is In show each weekend.

A Pastor and Friend Bishop Gabe Abdelaziz introduced me to a Prophet named Peggy Cole. This wonderful Sister and Prophetopereates a worldwide prophetic ministry. I remember she has prayed and prophesied to me concerning God’s Call on my life for Prophetic Ministry many times on the phone and at a meeting in L.A.

I was looking for a ministry in an internet search, I met Russ and Kitty Walden Prophets and Founders of Fathers Heart Ministry. I sent in a request with a donation for a prophetic word. God has a voice and it is intentionally seeking to manifest through people who will not filter what the Father says. The result was that since the first prophecy came from the Father through Russ and Kitty Walden, it was unusually accurate, and powerfully anointed. These two people have blessed my life, have been used to further train, and encourage the Ministry and Prophetic Call to the Father’s Prophetic Ministry.

I urge you to visit these friends’ webpage, contact them for their prophetic anointed words, go to a meeting they are offering, and support their call from the Father to raise up men and women for the Harvest of Billions of Souls in our lifetime.
”I Corinthians 1:27 It is almost as if God deliberately handpicked the wacky of this world to embarrass the wise, the rejects to put to shame the noble. 28 The ones with no pedigree of any prominence, the “nobodies” in society, attracted God’s initiative to unveil his blueprint opinion in order to redefine mankind. Thus he rendered any other social standard entirely irrelevant, redundant and inappropriate. (Blueprint opinion, eklegomai, from ek, meaning origin, source, and legomai from logos, the logic of God; traditionally translated as “elect”.)

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Prophet Russ Walden's Impartation and Commission Moment.

Prophet Russ Walden’s Impartation and Commission Moment.

The Holy Spirit’s empowerment happened at a local mall parking lot in July 2012. God moved upon Timothy to share a prophetic word to a man sitting in his car. The Lord said to speak to him, he needs a word of encouragement and exhortation. The Prophetic flow was powerful, words of knowledge of his upcoming trip to see his family and for him to minister to them with a forgiving heart. As Timothy prayed, the Power of God fell on this man, who started speaking in tongues as he was baptized in the Spirit of God and this man was extremely blessed. Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden witnessed this event and quickly moved to lay hands on Tim to ordain as The Parking Lot Prophet.“You received a gift from God when I placed my hands on you [to ordain you]. Now I’m reminding you to fan that gift into flames. … 2 Timothy 1:6

Everyone has a need to be edified, encouraged, and comforted.

The Father’s Heart is for you to experience His Love and Grace in a personally powerful prophetic word. Request Your Prophetic Ministry Now.

Empowerment from God

Empowerment from God