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New Year, New Words , New Members , New ways to Support this Ministry!

I wear hats all year long, because they keep my head covered, warm and can make a statement about a cause you support!

  • I have a hat my wife gave me after she had visited a famous space shuttle in L.A. recently. Every time I wear this hat, someone will mention the logo on the hat and ask me where I served. ( The hat’s logo looks like a Military Hat you would find being sold by a street vendor. Folks want to recognize those who have faithfully served in the Armed Forces as I do. I once witnessed to several members of the Armed Forces who were on a trek back to their base in the Bay Area, and had stopped at the local mall. Any time you have a chance to pray for, and prophesy to these young men and women, do it. It was an awesome privilege to speak a blessing to each person and their commanders.

The Father says “those who support your ministry will reap a 30, 60 and 100 percent reward.” So I was prompted to offer to everyone who sends a gift to commit to a monthly “Crew Member” with a gift of $35.00 or more each month, I’ll be sending you a special gift ! I will send out to all who join in March 2017 .  I will be sending you a  baseball cap with the Logo featured at the top of this newsletter! The “CREW”  under the Logo. This Crew Members hat will be sent to you within 6 weeks of confirmation of your membership. As a member of the Parking Lot Prophet Crew, you will be sent special announcements, periscope broadcast alerts, Facebook Broadcast Alerts, and Meeting announcements with Crew Member Prayer and Prophetic Words at these in-person meetings.
Go to www.theparkinglotprophet.com request page, click on any of the PayPal donate buttons with you now today, then make sure you click on make this amount a recurring gift. A minimum commitment of 6 continuous months is required.
I will send out a choice of white or black hats of your choice. One hat per membership please. Also I will send out a Prophetic Video  word to all who sign up for as a Monthly Crew Member.

These hats will be one size fits all. Colors Black or White

I’m looking for 200 Crew Members!


And those are they that were sown upon the good ground; such as hear the word, and accept it, and bear fruit, thirty fold, and sixty fold, and a hundred fold.” Mark 4:20
2 Chronicles 20:20 Believe the Lord and you are established, believe his prophets and you will prosper.”