Balaam, His Donkey, Political Parties, Occupy Till I Come Movement

Blind Balaam good donkey

Blind Balaam and good donkey

I was contemplating the significance of Balaam’s donkey this morning.
Balaam was called a seer prophet, that was hired by Balak to prophesy against Israel.
The donkey was faithful to carry the Prophet every day. This animal had more awareness of the Angel of God and what the Angel was about to do to his rider than the man. Balaam had his own agenda, he took the King’s money and got up in the morning to do what this king asked him to do.
What’s interesting is that the donkey was blessed to talk to Balaam after being beaten for saving his life, then the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes to see that His Angel was there in the way ( in a vineyard path) to stop him and kill him with a sword. Three footsteps mentioned, three people on this journey, and a servant (the donkey) and the angel. What’s interesting is that the Angel said if the donkey had not avoided me then I would have killed you and left her alive. Then Balaam understands what he is doing is wrong and wants to turn back to his camp. The Angel says go with your servants and say only what I tell you to say.
Prophets who have their own agenda will start to beat their donkeys to stay on the path of their agenda rather than do what they were told to do, wait on the Lord. A man presses in with money ( another god) and wants the prophet to say curses to the enemies of their agenda or plans.
It is interesting to note that the Democrats symbol is a donkey.
Andrew Jackson was running for President and was called an ass by his opponents for his populist policies.
The relating theme is the Democrats will be instrumental in blessing the whole population of the U.S. and beaten by Christians who have their own agenda, are blind to the Word of God  and would have been  killed by a Sword of the Lord  if not carried by a faithful ass whose mouth will be opened by the Father soon.
Numbers 22:21-39

Today’s Update: 3/25-2017

I have sent these messages to a few friends who have influence in the Kingdom of God, hoping to have them realize the need for a counter-movement of God supporting the motto, For the King, and that the kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of Our Lord and Christ.

Hi____ Here is my position on the current status of the Political/ Seven Mountains movement. I’ m contacting you because you have the attention of people who are experiencing the real Gospel that Jesus Demonstrated. Paul was the icing on the cake that needed to be served to the Jewish believers. The New Covenant need to be taught and Paul was the man. Today are seeing the Religious Right duped into voting for a man into the Presidency by people who did not have a revelation vetted by the Apostles, Prophets, Pastors or Teachers of 5 fold ministry of the Renewal Movement today. There needs to be a movement to educate and empower people to run for office with the Gospel of the Kingdom on their lips, supported by people who are coming out of the politically controlled republican/religious party and into a New Movement, a voice and vote for the King and the Kingdom of God. Should be you interested in talking about this further, let’s set up a phone call soon. Blessings to you!
Dear ___ I’d love to talk with you about this… I’d love to kick over the sacred cow of the current leadership’s blindness toward this idea that if you are Spirit-Filled Believer then you cannot be against “God’s choice for the Presidency” or Gods Chaos Candidate… are you interested? J, we need gospel believing/new covenant people running for office. We have been taught that the 7 mountains/spheres are to influence through the Republican Party, Lance Wallnau. Chat Conversation End Type a message… I believe N there are lots of people who would support the rising kingdom of God Movement that is not swayed by Religious, Right-wing leaders or money that supports them or of renewal movements self-anointed leaders that propagated this issue that Trump was God’s Chaos candidate… or the seven spheres movement. Since Jesus healed, He is for healthcare, and we have a challenge today that the people of God outside of the Renewal movement (cessationists), hence the rise of healthcare,( medical care needed) Republicans are against feeding children, mentally ill care and a host of other issues that are far away from the Gospel of the Kingdom Jesus taught, and the tenets taught by Paul. As my Friend and Prophet stated, ” the bishop prick of the White House will be taken from the Republican Party”. See the Next 50 years by Russell Walden.
I was part of the moral majority, traveled with Jerry Falwell, and  I was a member of the I love America Team and the Home TV LBC Chorale who served at the pleasure of Jerry.  I believe Dr. Falwell would have quickly discerned how corruption, who is running for office, witnessed to him or her and prayed for him/her to become a true born-again believer. The fruits of righteousness are not evident in any legislation or communication from this President or his life at this time.  Jesus would not have voted or supported a monumental cut off health insurance as a tax cut for the ultra-wealthy, a budget to empower the rich and create more of an elite class of citizens.

It’s true that the early church was not an activist group, but who could have rallied any support against a tyrannical despot, Caesar. The early church prayed and demonstrated the power of the Kingdom of God in Jesus’ name, and we are to do the same. This is a time for believers  to join in the thousands of people voicing their opposition to congressmen and women against corruption at local rallies, it is  a time for the real Kingdom of God New Covenant Believers to take their place as a force in this country and around the world not beholding to any political parties manipulation. Just one motto, “For this King and that the kingdoms of this world to become the Kingdom of Our Lord and Christ”. I hope you will join us. I intend to find local, regional, statewide and nationwide support to further the call and cause to the empowerment of Kingdom Believers to run for their local city, county, state and national positions available now, and into the next Congressional Elections and to the Next Presidential Campaign Primaries.  We are the salt of the earth, its time we start believing it, and acting upon what Jesus said, “Occupy Till I Come”. Will you Occupy till He Comes or be one of the herds that agrees with those who are respecters of men saying ” well if so n so says its truth, then it must be”. Really? Have you any discernment of the times we live in?

A post from Tim Fox Facebook: America will survive! I have it on good authority that our nation will change, our political culture will change and The Kingdom of God and His Word and Will will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven. The current administration and the Republican National Party will face the consequences of their policy choices now. I know that 85 % of the current leadership of the Evangelical Right and movements disagrees with me. They somehow think that because well known prophets, teachers, evangelists or Apostles believe that this POTUS should be given a pass on the evil legislation he’s signing behind closed doors, or the raking of millions of dollars he’s directly making off of the Presidency because they knew someone who prayed for him, or was in the meeting where a King Cyrus word was given about him that they can go on about building their Kingdoms and let their country be sold off to corrupt foreign governments, multinational corporations or Eastern Billionaires. If you read the O T or the New Testament, you will find prophets who proclaimed to everyone that evil doctrines or evil in the government or in the marketplace needed exposing. That’s what light does to darkness. It’s been a long journey from a moral majority believer to a Kingdom of God believer and A New and Better Covenant participant. From Religious bondage to Freedom in The Kingdom of God. The political solutions so many people are trusting in will fail. The Kingdom of God has come and is coming in fullness. He comes in you before His Coming to the whole world.
Jesus said My Kingdom is not OF this world. So that’s His Eternal, Immortal, Unchanging Word. “Remember what it says: “Today when you hear his voice, don’t harden your hearts as Israel did when they rebelled.” Hebrews 3:15.