August 2017 A Breaker Anointing Word

This word is for all who desire to break into or move into this new Month of August 2017 A Breakthrough. The Father gives me a picture of a person striking a glass wall. You have prayed to breakthrough to a life, that is more peaceful, prosperous and healthy. Some have prayed for relatives to Know The Way, the Truth and the Life Jesus. The Father says speak now in this prophetic anointing, stop using your fist to breakthrough this glass wall, use your praise, your prayer language which is  powerful  words of heaven. I preserved my logos word speak your Rehema word now, and in this hour receive your Breakthrough, Healing Provisions. I caused the Red Sea to part, the walls of Jericho to fall, the Temple to be built, the Prophets to proclaim My Son’s Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection. I sent My Spirit on the Pentecost upon 120, and 3,000.

I AM YOUR BREAKER ANOINTING NOW. I will cause my Name and My Presence to be Known throughout this Nation, to the four corners of every nation and tribe. For the Kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Receive Now.

His Power In Us and Upon US Now