Concerning Monday August 21st 2017

Monday August 21st 2017

The Father says: Have no fear as I work in mystery and intrigue. See my creation work as I speed up time on this day. A 24 hour period will seem like 12 hours and less. For those who hear my voice across time, I am speaking to you to prepare for a tumultuous continuation of this year. You will feel like it’s a up and down ride. Some can be amused others can choose JOY in Me or fear in what they see. Choose Joy Choose to See Me, rather than watching man. For the arm of flesh will fail you. My Everlasting Arms never tire, never give up. Peter chose to look at the water he walked on, His mind took control and he sank. My Everlasting Arms reached Peter and put him in a safe place. I will and am doing the same for you. Choose Joy Choose Life Choose Peace From Me.

I just heard the Father say “I’m going to show you more about this day than science will know, stay tuned into Me.”

” Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. Amos 3:7
Posted  July 24 2017.

Time will speed up…choose JOY.