Powerful Word from the Lord!

Beloved Enclosed is the Video of the Fort Wayne Meeting Below.

The conference was hosted by Thursday Church International and Apostle Beth Knight and her family Manny, Paul, Michael and their team. Prophet Tim Fox was there as well.

The meeting was well attended and the prophetic words were awesome. The house church Friday was so packed you couldn’t get another person in the place. The meeting at the Lincoln Center was very well attended and afterward the people didn’t want to go home. They were laid around the front under the power of God. They cried, they shouted, they testified and they embraced and loved on each other.

Here is the link to the video: http://youtu.be/YORJaSdepaQ

Watch the video till the end where the Power of God is evident for all who wanted ministry.

Click on the link below for several corporate prophecies with worship mixed live.
You can receive from these words as the Father speaks to you to now from His Living Voice.


Click on Corporate Words all of them.images