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Many people desire a meeting online that will edify, exhort and comfort you in these times. Seventy- Four episodes are available for you to experience the Prophetic Word given to every caller.  Make your plans to call “The Prophet is In” show live on Blog Talk Radio on Saturdays  at 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.

” I see you broadcasting like Russ, and the Father says you will become a household name as you follow the Fathers leading to prophesy to thousands of people. ” Prophet Kitty Walden,  C0-Founder of Fathers Heart Ministries.” This is the year (2020) when you will leave the reservation ( i.e. evangelical culture, associations, and past theologies) into the open field of Father’s will and the founding of this prophetic ministry. You will experience a massive upgrade this coming year. ” Says the Father. Prophet Russ Walden Co-founder of Father’s Heart Ministries.

Watch the inception of this ministry here is a video from Russ and Kitty Walden founders of Fathers Heart Ministry.

“Ephesians 4:11 What God has in us is gift wrapped to the world: some are commissioned to pioneer, others are gifted prophetically, some as announcers of good news, some as Shepherds with a real gift to care and nurture, and others have a gift to ignite instruction through revelation knowledge. (Couriers, communicators, counselors, and coaches. — Rob Lacey.) Mirror Bible (

The 2020 Massive changes Prophetic Word .

Testimony. “May the Father bless you so much by using you as His vessel, the personal prophecy was very on point and encouraging. I and my wife got uplifted, we took time to praise God and praying in the Spirit after listening to your Audio.

Testimony: I am writing this testimony based on my experiences concerning my dear brother Tim Fox, The prophet is In ministry.  I can honestly say that he is a very joyful and right on the mark, a servant of the Most- High God when it comes to spreading joy to others. It’s something I struggle with, but whenever I call in (to the Prophet is In)  I can sense that his sincerity to uplift others is genuine & MOST appreciated. I urge anyone feeling down & need someone to give a hand up to call in & help support his ministry. I pray that everyone who does is blessed by it. Thank you & The Most- High God bless you abundantly! L. 

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