I recommend this School of the Prophets

Online Prophetic School Now Open! 

An Exciting Online Immersion into the Gifts of God! 
From Prophet Russ Walden:  
Can the Gifts of the Spirit be Taught? In Bible days there were schools of the …

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The Father says you are a Nation Changer, a Culture Shaper.

As a Prophet who speaks and writes about the nation I live in, I am appalled today by a political party that  celebrates a vote to enrich the elite “”The …

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Join the Parking Lot Prophet Crew!
New Year, New Words , New Members , New ways to Support this Ministry!
I wear hats all year long, because they keep my head covered, …

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Where is the Kingdom of God?

“I could feel the anointing of the Lord on your prophetic word.  God bless you! ” Thank you Timothy! This is a recent testimony of this Prophetic Ministry effectiveness! 
Do not allow …

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The Election of 2016 a PLP View.

I.E. Outside speaking what the Father is doing and saying without fear. A Non- Seeker Sensitive, or Politically Correct ( or Religiously ) correct view of this election season.
31.” …

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Love Conquers Hate

Prophets Blog of Presidential Debate September 26, 2016:  I watched a politician/business man spew words of  hate, deceit and bigotry.  This debacle of a debate of sorts was carried on …

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Current Events Fox Prophetic Ministries*****

Who is the Prophet in Your Life?             We are living  in a Wonderful Time!
We in the USA are 60 days away from electing …

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The Next 50 Years: A Prophetic Perspective: Come to Branson MO

the Father has revealed what will happen in the USA and World in the Next 50 Years. Attend this conference and experience a new level of the Prophetic Word!
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Balaam, His Donkey, Political Parties, Occupy Till I Come Movement

I was contemplating the significance of Balaam’s donkey this morning.
Balaam was called a seer prophet, that was hired by Balak to prophesy against Israel.
The donkey was faithful to carry the …

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End Times ? Naa God Wins, We Win!

Hi Fox Tribe, This blog is from a friend Anthony Portillo about the “End Times”
It seems like everywhere you turn in Christian circles people are talking about …

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